US Airways offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles for the month of November

For the entire month of October US Airways offered a 100% bonus on shared miles, which was essentially a way for those with an existing mileage balance to purchase US Airways miles for ~1.15 cents each. That was a phenomenal deal, one we haven’t seen in quite a while, and I used it to stock up. They were also offering a targeted offer for a 100% bonus on purchased miles, though not everyone was eligible.

As I hinted at yesterday, it seems US Airways is back to their “normal” promotion for the month of November, offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles. They’ve also mixed up their marketing on it a bit, and now very clearly explain what a 100% bonus would look like, for those of us that are really bad at math.

Anyway, through this promotion miles can be purchased for ~1.88 cents each including tax. You can purchase a maximum of 100,000 miles through this promotion (50,000 base miles and then 50,000 bonus miles), and Dividend Miles accounts have to be at least 12 days old to be eligible for this promotion.

This is still a good deal, though hopefully most of you took advantage of last month’s share miles promotion. This might be a good way to top off an account for an award redemption based on miles you shared last month.

But if for whatever reason you didn’t take advantage of last month’s promotion, this can still be a great deal. 90,000 miles gets you a business class award ticket from the US to Asia via Europe (with a stopover there if you’d like), so you’d still only be paying ~$1,700 for the miles needed for such a redemption. So I wouldn’t buy miles just for the heck of it through this promotion, though if you have a specific use in mind, crunch the numbers and it could still make sense.

See this post for basics on redeeming Dividend Miles.


  1. Does this not work for anyone else? I still get
    ” HTTP Status 404 – //PointsPartnerFrames/partners/null ” when visiting this page =/

  2. “90,000 miles gets you a business class award ticket from the US to Asia via Europe” Do I have to fly via Europe then? Thank you.

  3. “90,000 miles gets you a business class award ticket from the US to Asia via Europe” Does it have to be via Europe then? No direct flight to Asia? Thank you.

  4. @ David — You could go direct to Asia if you wanted to, I was just mentioning you’re allowed to go through Europe if you want to, which a lot of people enjoy, especially with the stopover.

    @ Joediver — Hah, I made the correction literally a second after I posted, but Twitter and Facebook didn’t seem to catch it.

  5. I have just created an account but obviously the end of November is less than 12 days from now. I gave it a try anyway but it still allows me to enter credit card info. I stopped right there but I wonder what happens if I try that again on the last day of November. Do you think they will let me through it?

  6. @ JB — If the account is open for fewer than 12 days they do have the right to take the points back, so I wouldn’t do it. Chances are the promotion will be back very soon.

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