The blog ate your comments!

This morning I was a bit surprised about the lack of comments left on the blog. I assumed it was just a slow morning around here, though after a few hours it was clear something was up. Well, as it turns out all of today’s comments went into the blog’s spam folder.

My blog’s “dashboard” looks like this:

As y’all know I don’t really moderate comments (aside from extreme circumstances), and the way WordPress usually seems to operate is that if you’ve left a comment on the blog in the past from a certain IP, all subsequent comments will automatically be published. If you’re commenting from an IP for the first time it will go to the “pending” queue, and I have to manually approve it.

For whatever reason today all the blog comments have gone into the spam folder. The problem is that I get hundreds (if not thousands) of spam comments a day, so it’s taking a while to sift through all of the spam comments and manually approve the “legitimate” ones. I believe I’ve now approved all of the legitimate comments, so if you commented today and don’t see it published, please let me know.

The problem is ongoing, so I’ll continue to manually approve comments. Hopefully the Boarding Area tech team gets this fixed quickly. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and sorry for the slow day — I avoided posting due to the fact that I assumed the commenting feature was down, and writing just to myself on the interwebs seems downright creepy.


  1. It’s so quiet here.

    Not a peep to be heard.

    Well, except for that one guy over in the corner mumbling to himself about the “virgins of the star alliance” or some such nonsense.

    A really creepy scene if you know what I mean.

  2. @ Not FTG — Yes, though I know nothing about technology, so bringing it to the attention of the Boarding Area tech folks is about the best I can do.

    @ Dax — I’m not a tech guy so the worst possible person to explain this, but WordPress is the platform that Boarding Area uses to host the site. Boarding Area is just the portal/community of bloggers found on this website.

  3. @Lantean: Nah, Frank was a mean spirited bigot with the self-fulfilling tenacity of a scorned fanatic. Some of us may be bored and a little too quick to follow a random thought to its illogical conclusion, but that’s not quite the same thing as missing Frank. 😉

    @Lucky: So you’re saying that Boarding Area is just a casual group of bloggers and not a paid service or revenue sharing arrangement?

  4. @ Dax — Well we have a website so it’s not totally casual. No, it’s a portal — there is a revenue sharing agreement and all. Sorry for any confusion.

  5. You may want to tell the Boarding area techs to consider adding Disqus comments to the site. I use it for a few sites and it’s very reliable and easy to use… also adds threads to comments, which is nice.

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