Details for dinner tomorrow night in San Francisco!

As I posted about earlier today, I’ll be in San Francisco tomorrow night for dinner with my favorite flight attendant and lots of you guys!

Due to my move I was a bit late in getting working on the reservation, so reader David volunteered to help, and got us a table tomorrow night at 6:30PM at TXOKO. The table is for ~19 people and under the name “David,” so please post below if you’ll be able to make it. I’m not sure how many checks they’ll be able to put the dinner on, so please try to bring cash just in case we can’t all pay by credit card.

Would be great to see lots of you there!


  1. Noooo. You should have left the bromo’s and take you FA out for dinner. You going to end up with 20, 40 years old frequent flyer and 1 poor girl.

  2. “Cash?”

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you use that rather intriguing term before.

    Is it a new acronym or some sort of trendy West Coast slang?

    Which brand and alliance is cash connected with?

    How many bonus points does cash offer?

    Does cash impose a fuel surcharge?

    Can you double dip with cash?

    How many times do you have to use cash before the “make it rain” rebate comes into effect?

  3. @ Erik @ Frank @ noah @ Dan @ Jackson @ Jason @ Sandeep — Awesome, look forward to seeing you there!

    @ Nat Arem @ Dax — Hah! For such a large group they’re sometimes not willing to split checks, so maybe we can have some trivia to see who gets to put the total on their card. 😀

    @ Levy Flight — Tampa? Pssh, what a dump!

    @ Alex — So is that a yes? 😉

    @ deux centimes — Options are usually limited for such a large group, and most restaurants wanted to do a prix fixe menu, which would have been much more expensive.

    @ Bob Law — There may very well be an after party, so feel free to stop by and maybe you can join us for that if you’d like!

  4. It’s a great choice: Mr. Fancy Pants-worth Basque-y food. Sous chef is Basque. I ate there earlier this year and everything was great. Not quite San Sebastian or Bilbao but very nice for USA.

    Sadly, I can’t make it… 🙁

  5. Coins! F-yeah will be there – bout time we meet in person. Can I put it on my card if I show you where the SF “nillas” are?

  6. I’d be up for dinner and I generally carry at least some cash but I would need to have lots of notice and/or have it be on a weekend or something.

    Perhaps you should plan something a few months out to see if you can get a few hundred people to commit. Maybe get in touch with a manager and offer some sort of discount to a favorite restaurant or hotel or whatever. Although other blogs may cover more topics or go into more detail I think a blog like yours would probably attract a nice mix of serious and casual travelers from all over. Maybe even a few flyover cities like mine.

    And that’s important, because hardcore business travelers kind of creep me out a little in large numbers. Haven’t you ever been reading a book or messing with your phone while you’re at an airport restaurant or bar and then there’s a chill that streaks down your spine causing you to look up and see a large number of hardcore business travelers surrounding you from every angle? They may look tame and docile on the surface but deep down you know if there’s a delay or other complication they may become suddenly agitated and highly aggressive without any warning.

    Yeah. Just like that.

    Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right, have the next event somewhere in Texas. We’ve got all of the usual chain crap with none of the unique trendy stuff to clutter up your options.


  7. I’ll be there. Lett us know where/when.

    Just lets stay away fron the ball park area… Was great fun tonight, but once was enough!

  8. May try to stop by, and meet some fellow travel savvy individuals, might not have dinner, but would grab a drink!

  9. dear lucky,

    Next time you are in SFO or SIN, please post again. I learn a lot from your post. One quick question: if yoou use American express business gold card to buy miles, do you get 3X points?

  10. My late LAX-SFO UA flight landed in the intl terminal about midnight tonight. As I was walking down the concourse, the SQ001 crew strolled past, including…well, I may not have been at the dinner, but I did get to see her. 🙂

  11. Thanks to everyone that made it last night, it was great to meet all of you!

    I had a great time, and I know Janesis enjoyed the dinner as well. To those of you that thought all of this was creepy, it’s all in your head. 😀

  12. So, I sure hope you are going to post about the dinner and some pictures? And will you be seeing Janesis again? (I am enjoying the soap opera part of this story…..)

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