Careful with transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points between accounts

One of the nice things about Chase Ultimate Rewards points, at least on the surface, is how easily transferable they are. In practice you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points instantly not only to someone else’s frequent flyer account, but also to someone else’s Ultimate Rewards account.

On the Ultimate Rewards website you can transfer points to anyone’s Ultimate Rewards account as long as you have their credit card number and last name.

And you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to any partner frequent flyer account, as long as you have the person’s name and frequent flyer account number.

Now, technically the terms & conditions regarding transferring points reads as follows:

Transfers may only be used to combine points/rebates belonging to the same individual or business in the Program; or for the purpose of enabling spouses or domestic partners to combine points/rebates earned in their respective names.

But until recently no one ever had issues with transferring points to accounts in different names, and many did so pretty freely.

Anyway, as pointed out by Frequent Miler, some with Chase Sapphire Preferred cards are getting notices that their accounts are getting shut down due to transferring points. I suspect they’re doing this mostly to those that have made dozens of transfers, but I’d say this is certainly a good reason to be careful with future transfers. On the plus side they’re at least letting those card members transfer the points out of Ultimate Rewards before shutting down their account.

What’s still not clear to me is whether the terms and conditions apply exclusively to transferring points between Ultimate Rewards accounts, or also apply to transferring Ultimate Rewards points to a frequent flyer account in a different name. So while I’m not convinced the latter is prohibited, I would still be careful.

Anyway, just a heads up…


  1. I remember asking about this a year or so ago – just moving between my own cards – and the agent said that was fine but movement outside of near and dear was verboten. Seems like it is possible but watched for fraud concerns.

  2. i think you should clarify that its only a concern for POINTS-TO-POINTS transfer between two UR accounts, and not conversion/transfer to 3rd party airline mileage accounts.

  3. @Lucky —

    UR –> FF# is definitely against T&Cs:

    Ultimate Rewards point transfer features are designed to allow our cardmembers to take advantage of the rewards they earn. The features are not intended to allow transfers to third parties **other than a spouse or domestic partner of the cardmember.** Transfers to unauthorized third parties or any other abuse of the Ultimate Rewards program may result in suspension or termination of the ability to participate in the program and forfeiture of points already earned.

    @Eric F-D — Incorrect. See above.

  4. @ Marvin — Just go to, log in to your account, click on “Point Transfer,” select the program you prefer, and enter the account number and name.

  5. Hey lucky,

    Thanks for the reply, i didn’t really expect it for a post from October 20th, 2012 🙂

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