And the winner of 50,000 Starpoints is…

Thanks to all of you that participated in the 50,000 Starpoint giveaway courtesy of the Starwood American Express in conjunction with my stay at the St. Regis San Francisco.

There were more than 3,000 entries between the blog and Twitter, and I’m happy to announce that the winner is Eddy, who said he would use 50,000 Starpoints as follows:

Cash & Points for our trip to Peru & Argentina next year!

Enjoy the trip, Eddy, and I’ll be in touch shortly with details on claiming your prize.

Thanks to everyone that participated, and stay tuned, as there’s another giveaway coming next week!


  1. Hi Lucky:

    I think you said in that post: “3. You can comment once per calendar day (let’s define that as 12:00AM EDT till 11:59PM EDT), and the contest will run through 11:59PM EDT on Friday, October 19”.

    But Eddy left two comments on October 8th, and one of which has been chosen by you.

    Is it valid?

  2. @ Haolai Jiang — The other Eddy that left a comment that day had a different IP address and email address, so I don’t believe it was the same person. Sharp eye, though!

  3. In the technological advanced days… IP Address can be changed (by simply going to a different location) along with having multiple email address.. just saying.. however.. bummed that I didn’t win 😛

  4. @ B — LOL, true, and names can be changed even easier (so if Eddy was changing his email address AND IP, why wouldn’t he also change his name?).

  5. @ Lucky — Perhaps he wasn’t thinking hard and made a Rookie mistake..!!
    @ Ray — LOL — yes.. Eddy did get “50k Lucky-er”

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