Is Jetsetter *really* not honoring the $75 off promotion code?

Earlier in the week, luxury hotel discounter Jetsetter sent out an email to members offering $75 off the next booking you make with them.

And yes, “terms and conditions apply,” so let’s take a look at those:

Receive $75 off your next purchase (the “Discount”), valid on and , only, excluding taxes, service fees, or any additional fees applied directly by a hotel or resort. Discount must be used in a single transaction and may be subject to certain trip exclusions. This discount cannot be combined with other offers and may not be used toward the purchase of e-Gift Cards. Discount will not be applied if used via mobile application or mobile browser. Non-transferable; may not be used by anyone other than the recipient of the offer. Limit one Discount per member. Promotion code must be entered at time of checkout. Discount will be valid through 10/18/2012 at 11:59 PM ET. Discount has no cash or credit value. Offer may be suspended or terminated at any time.

So I posted about the promotion, pointing out what a great deal it is. Jetsetter pulled the deal early, which was entirely within their rights per the T&Cs. Though now I’ve been receiving messages from people saying that their reservations were canceled or they were being charged the full amount.

I figured this promotion was pretty straightforward and there wasn’t a whole lot they could do to backpedal, unlike last time when they revoked referral credit in conjunction with a promotion through GroundLink (which they eventually reinstated).

There was just an article about how Gilt is trying to sell Jetsetter as it’s apparently quite unprofitable, but has no takers so far. I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised?

For those that made reservations, are they intact, or has Jetsetter canceled them?


  1. Seriously, don’t we go through this with Jetsetter and Gilt at least once/twice a year? I avoid them like the plague.

  2. Agree with victor wholeheartedly. I understand the need to be broad and alert readers to all possible good deals, but how many strikes does it take before you blacklist these crooks?

    I think it has been made clear by this point that any promotion that turns out to be more lucrative for the consumer than the company will not be a promotion that JetSetter ultimately honors.

  3. Did all Jetsetter members receive this email? Curious because I didn’t and I’d just booked a reservation through them last week. If it was supposed to be targeted, that could be why Jetsetter is trying to cancel/charge full price even though the T&C do not reflect this in any way. 😐

  4. from the T&C above:

    “Non-transferable; may not be used by anyone other than the recipient of the offer.”

    Aren’t they within their rights for enforcing against those not targeted?

    I’m not a fan of Jetsetter but it seems like they’re within their rights on this one…

  5. Canceled with a non-descriptive email response. If they don’t want to accept a coupon code from certain customers, then they should program their web forms not to accept the code.

    Even if the deal is good, I’ll avoid booking with them in the future.

  6. mine got cancelled this morning. I raised the question as to why I was even able to use the coupon code if it didn’t apply to me…they didn’t have a good answer

  7. After my experiences with Gilt when they were running the 1500 United miles promo, I have avoided that company like Victor and Chas. I know they’ve offered some good deals, and a lot of bloggers and their readers have been able to take advantage of those, but the company is run horribly. By this point, they’ve screwed up more than enough for you and other bloggers to completely stop mentioning them and their “deals”. I don’t know if it’s incompetence or shadiness, but the deals aren’t worth the risk.

  8. @Lucky: I’m curious why, in the face of multiple prior reversals, you still choose to give Jetsetter the benefit of the doubt on your blog? Jetsetter seems to meet your criteria of censored SPAM, yet you continue to advertise their offers anyway. Wouldn’t it have been more helpful to have completely ignored their latest offer and made this rather expected reversal your first comment on the matter instead? Hopefully most folks held back to see what would happen before fleshing out the rest of their trips. On the other hand I’d hate to be in the shoes of a real newbie who may have already added nonrefundable plane tickets or other plans to a suddenly reversed Jetsetter deal that could now cost them hundreds of dollars to unwind after following an offer to save a mere $75. Although UA’s HKG offer was also reverse, at least in that case there was a lot more to gain if it worked, relatively little to lose if it didn’t work, and a brand new consumer advocacy rule that had yet to be fully tested.

  9. @ Dax — Because I had only had a single issue with Jetsetter, and they eventually resolved it and admitted the issue. I figured it was worth giving them the benefit of the doubt given that it was a great offer. I’ve been fooled once, though won’t be again, I promise!

  10. I wonder if they will cancel if it was prepaid and nonrefundable. If they try to charge full price I will dispute with my credit card company. So far its still there waiting for confirmation from hotel.

  11. lucky – honestly, what am I missing here? Given the nontransferable clause, what are you angry about? Do you honestly believe they fooled you?

    I agree that the deal was worth a shot, with a nonprepaid, refundable reservation. But after reading the T&Cs you posted, I can’t understand how they bamboozled us.

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