Delta no longer imposing fuel surcharges on award tickets originating in Europe!

Keeping up with Delta SkyMiles can be tougher than keeping up with the Kardashians (though admittedly neither are as enjoyable as keeping up with Honey Boo Boo). While this is hardly breaking news, it is worth noting that Delta recently stopped imposing fuel surcharges on award tickets originating in Europe.

They imposed the fuel surcharges simply because they felt they could, given that most European programs do the same. However, sometime over the past few weeks they eliminated them. As you can see below, the taxes/fees on a roundtrip award ticket from Frankfurt to New York are just $122, compared to $400+ just a few weeks ago.

This is great news, of course, though doesn’t even slightly begin to make up for the fact that virtually no Air France/KLM business class award space is available to SkyMiles members for travel through June 15, 2013.


  1. It’s still a big difference in taxes between CDG-DXB or DXB-CDG on AF with Delta miles. ex-CDG $560 and ex-DXB $140 for a roundtrip.

  2. The bummer is they only waived YQ on their own metal….If you wish to travel on other carriers, you still have to pay the YQ YR… BTW, just saw there is a KLM “C” availability on Apr 16th, no sure they really blocked all the award seats on KL and AF.

  3. I’ve seen some AF business awards open up between now and June. Just noticed it yesterday. They are searchable and show up on DL, but I only saw them when searching by schedule.

  4. Its nice to see that DL is eliminating this YQ that was masquerating as an IOC. DL does not do this out of their goodness. Do you know why? Is is because of a lawsuit or regulation or competition ?

  5. WOW – what is even more impressive is you ACTUALLY found milesaver flights on Delta.

    This is a good change, I wonder what motivated them to do remove the extra fee on Europe award tickets.

  6. I think this information is outdated and that there perhaps was a glitch in the system.
    No matter what city I look at departing from Europe there is a minimum $500 R/T surcharge……

  7. Unfortunately, DL is still charging exorbitant surcharges on award tickets with travel ex-Europe. I just priced economy and business class fares from multiple EU cities on both DL and other partner carriers. Fees ranged from $603 to $625 + the requisite Skymiles. For EU travel originating in North America, fees are $124 or so using either DL or partner carriers. Another reason to ditch DL. I miss NW.

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