United offering up to double miles to Dubai through March 31, 2013

United is offering double miles on their Washington Dulles to Dubai route for flights ticketed and flown between October 3, 2012, and March 31, 2013. They’re offering double miles for travel in paid first class, business class, and full fare economy (Y and B fare classes), and 50% bonus miles for travel in any other paid coach fare classes.

Registration is required prior to travel using confirmation code TB4M62.

This promotion is interesting because a lot of the promotions we’ve seen lately are limited to paid premium cabin and full fare tickets, while this one is valid for discounted fares too. While it’s not a mileage run and of itself, this certainly makes a quick trip or vacation to Dubai a lot more “justifiable” for a mileage nut.

For example, Los Angeles to Dubai roundtrip fares are as low as $1,160 all-in roundtrip. From Los Angeles to Dubai through Washington Dulles roundtrip you’re looking at 18,713 flown miles. If you’re a Premier 1K that amount is doubled, so you’re looking at 37,426 miles. And when you factor in the 50% bonus between Washington Dulles and Dubai, you’re looking at a total of 44,495 redeemable miles. Again, not amazing and life changing, but a really nice bonus nonetheless. And with that example I didn’t even maximize the routing, as you can add another connection or two in each direction.

Certainly worth keeping in mind if you’ve been eying a trip to Dubai.


  1. Wonder if United will change the terms on this without notice…maybe it’s just for residents of Papua New Guinea!

  2. DOH has cheaper fares from the markets I’ve looked at. Unfortunately IAD-DOH is direct, so you lose around 150PQM each way, but for for saving a few hundred, I’d say it is worth it.
    DEN-SFO-IAD-DXB-DOH r/t 969 compared to 1249 to just DXB

  3. I just booked this routing last week and registered today. Will I qualify for the bonus? It just says that travel must take place after registration, not booking.

  4. @ Preacher7 — If you booked on/before October 3, technically you don’t earn the bonus. But you never know, it may post anyway…

  5. Thx. I booked the tickets on Oct. 7, but didn’t sign up till today. According to the Ts and Cs I think it should work, especially since I don’t think any of us were even aware of the promotion until this morning!

  6. hey, 3 questions. (1) is this still valid if you only book one-way?
    (2) if it was roundtrip, with only one leg before MAR31 would that one leg still count for double miles? (3) would the flight on MAR31 still count as inside the time frame? thanks.

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