United jumps in the game and offers bonus miles for premium travel between the US and London through January 31, 2013

Matching similar promotions being run by American and Delta, United is offering bonus miles for paid premium cabin and full fare travel between the US and London Heathrow. The promotion is for tickets booked and flown between October 4, 2012, and January 31, 2013, for travel in the F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, Y and B fare classes. Through this promotion you earn 15,000 bonus miles for your first roundtrip, 35,000 bonus miles for your second roundtrip, and 50,000 bonus miles for every subsequent roundtrip.

Registration is required using promotion code TB4M63 prior to travel in order to qualify.


  1. Ben,

    Have you crunched the numbers to see if this promotion is worth doing to get a leg up on requalifying? As an AA exec plat, I’m trying to figure if some (from west coast) runs in January would make sense — given that we have yet to see any DEQM promos from AA.


  2. @ Michael — I haven’t been able to make anything work economically. Best I see on American is “H” class between JFK and LHR roundtrip for $1,400, and even then I’d be hard pressed to justify at that fare.

  3. @ Joe — Nothing tempted. And that’s correct, the bonus miles are redeemable and not elite qualifying.

  4. @lucky,
    Best I see on American is “H” class between JFK and LHR roundtrip for $1,400.

    Got a company trip coming up. Gladly take the extra points.

  5. @ Zz — Shoot, fare isn’t there anymore. Was during the time of the last post. Will take another look at what’s available.

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