JetBlue offers “Election Protection,” a free flight out of the country if your candidate loses

In what’s no doubt one of the more unique promotions out there, JetBlue is offering 2012 free flights (1006 roundtrips) out of the country if your presidential candidate loses.

Basically you register with JetBlue, pick your candidate, and pick your destination. If your candidate loses, you’re eligible to win one of the 1,006 roundtrip tickets to an international JetBlue destination. It’s worth noting the travel certificates are only valid for travel between January 8 and February 13, 2013, so they’re making it a pretty small window where you can redeem the flights.

The promotion is a bit backwards, if you ask me, given that you should really choose the candidate you think will lose if you want to win the tickets.

Good luck to all!


  1. You should choose Romney as your preferred candidate, regardless of your political leanings. Think about it. JetBlue’s business comes predominately from NYC and Boston – two very liberal cities. That means that the majority of participants in this contest will choose Obama as their preferred candidate, and if he loses, the pool from which the winners will be chosen will be much larger pool. If you choose Romney, and he loses, there will probably be fewer entries from which to choose, increasing your odds of winning.

  2. @ Corey — Good thinking, though aren’t the results of those that have entered so far listed on the homepage — 54% for Obama, 46% for Romney. As you mention, given the cities JetBlue predominantly serves, I’m surprised it’s not skewed more towards Obama.

  3. @lucky, maybe they use the same reasoning as Corey and are “voting” for Romney. At least, I did since I expect Obama to win the actual election.

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