What’s about to happen between Alaska and Delta?

Today’s an exciting day in the rumor mill. Later today we’ll finally find out about the big OneWorld announcement, and whether Qatar Airways will be joining or not, despite constant denial by their CEO. If they do, this will seriously shake things up in the alliance, between Air Berlin and American’s relationship with Etihad and Qantas’ relationship with Emirates.

But that’s not the only exciting development. Alaska and Delta’s CEO will be announcing “new service, product enhancements in Seattle” today, and it looks like it could be big. We should know more in a few hours, though I’m so excited that I couldn’t help but speculate.

The one thing I do notice is Delta’s schedule for next summer out of Seattle. Between New York and Seattle all aircraft in the market have BusinessElite seating, with four 757s and one 767 featuring flat beds. So it’s clear they’re turning Seattle into a “premium” transcontinental market.

But the big question is how Alaska fits into this?

I guess we’ll see shortly, though given that I’m moving to Seattle, this actually makes Delta a very tempting option.

So what do you guys think it is? I’ll post an update as soon as it’s announced.


  1. For reference, my NRT-SEA flight on DL for next June was just switched from an old 757 to a new 74S (with very slight schedule adjustment as well) over the wkend.

  2. Well, today wouldn’t be the best day for Alaska to be promoting anything with their computer system down. I’m stuck in SEA right now on my way to Pullman. Manual boarding passes are being written to get people through security, but no movement at the gates. Fun times.

  3. @Blaine: Apparently it’s been done (see ), but not as a regular thing. The 757 NRT-SEA in June of 2010 was a one-off repo flight with pax onboard — 4800 miles is wayyy at the end of reasonable range. AFAIK, SEA-NRT isn’t reasonable thanks to prevailing winds.

    So I’m surprised to see it pop up next June. Is that another one-off, or has DL decided this is a good idea on a regular basis?

  4. @Blaine/Robin: Apologies, that was actually a typo (pre-coffee morning). The original flight was on A330 (old config), the new one is the reconfig 747-400 (74S). Was so excited to actually have a lie-flat that I got a little delirious.

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