Why does Starwood’s website/app not show reservations day of arrival anymore?

I noticed this a while ago though figured it was a glitch or I was going crazy.

Has anyone else noticed that as of a few weeks (maybe months?) ago Starwood’s website and mobile app no longer displays reservations day of arrival? Instead it will just show the next booking you have after that stay.

It was always useful to be able to check the app before arriving to see what room the hotel blocked for you. In some cases I was blocked in a suite, which meant there was no need to even ask about upgrades at check-in. Other times I noticed I was still in a standard room, so was sure to check room availability shortly before arrival to see what kind of suites were available.

Anyway, the change almost feels like what United did with “Expert Mode,” whereby they eliminated the ability to see upgrade space online. Did Starwood stop displaying reservations day of arrival because they didn’t want elite members to see the room they’re blocked into? Sometimes elite members would be blocked a nice room but then would get a different one at check-in because it was given to another guest in the meantime, so maybe confusion over that is why?

Whatever the reason, it’s frustrating not to be able to pull up a reservation day of arrival!


  1. The website didn’t show reservation for a while (almost a year now from what I can remember). However the app shows your reservation until the day of departure. With the app it’s a hit or miss. You have to do the list view (by clicking top right) and that should show the reservation.

  2. It has been this way for a while. I find it frustrating if I need to cancel a reservation at the last minute and it has disappeared from my account.

  3. You can retrieve the reservation by name and booking number even though it doesn’t show up by default. I always do so, for the reasons you mentioned.

  4. curious where you see the room you’ve been booked into on iphone app to check if you’ve been upgraded. I always just see reservation details, but then I’ve never been upgraded, so perhaps I am looking in the right place.

  5. The app will show your room through the end of your stay. You may have to swap between list and picture view, though.

  6. @ Joe — When you pull up the reservation details just look at the room type. If you’ve been upgraded it will reflect a different room type than what you booked. Some hotels only allocate rooms at check-in, though.

  7. Same experience during one of my stays at a Westin. I checked my reservation just a few hours before checking and found it missing. I freaked me out because I got a killer deal on the hotel stay and I was afraid it was gone due to a computer glitch. So I called the hotel just to confirm that they still had my reservation. I didn’t like that feeling when I’m about to check-in 🙁

  8. I’d like to comment on the app – but SPG doesn’t have one for ANDROID phones or tablets. Some of us prefer not to have a company telling us what apps we can and can’t install on our $400 devices… 😉

    Hello SPG, I’m talking to you!

  9. My experience is that when a local hotel “takes control” of a reservation, it disappears… Most often happens when they process upgrades manually, etc.

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