Don’t forget to take full advantage of American Admirals Club drink coupons!

If you’re accessing an American Admirals Club based on your status or fare paid (as opposed to accessing it with an Admirals Club membership or the American Express Platinum card), you’re supposed to get two drink coupons at the reception desk.

While American offers complimentary soft drinks, house wine, and beer, the coupons are for “premium” drinks. It’s also worth noting they’re only technically valid for the date and airport in which you’re given them.

If you’re like me and don’t drink (much), they’re not especially valuable on the surface. That being said, I recently found a use that almost always has me leaving the Admirals Club with a couple of drinks “to go.”

Specifically, the coupons are also valid for bottled water, bottled soda, Red Bull, and Naked Juice.

If I’m visiting an Admirals Club in the morning I’ll usually grab a bottle of water and Naked Juice. If I’m there in the afternoon I’ll usually grab a bottle of water and Diet Coke. And otherwise I’ll almost always just grab a couple of bottles of water. And while I don’t drink Red Bull the stuff isn’t cheap, so if you fly enough and drink a lot of Red Bull, you could probably satisfy your addiction solely by stocking up at Admirals Clubs.

Water is always useful for traveling, especially when you arrive at your hotel at midnight only to find the only water in the room is $6 per bottle.


  1. I thought the $6/water was only for us folks with no status. 🙂 I had that happen on my last business trip. I thought I was going to die. Didn’t have enough singles to buy it from the machine and on principle didn’t want to may even more than that.

  2. “Technically valid” for the date of issue – have you ever managed to successfully redeem one that’s expired?

  3. I usually share them if I’m ready to leave and still have any left (unless I actually do need that water, of course). I just ask the person nearest me if he needs one and they’re usually very honest — i.e., I’ve had several thank me and say that they didn’t need any, so I went to the next person.

  4. are you suppose to get one or two? past few times i’ve visited the admirals club as a oneworld sapphire, i was only given one drink coupon each time.

  5. @ Riposte — Yes. The bartenders rarely check the date.

    @ jeff — I think it’s technically two, though it does seem to vary.

    @ Jared — I don’t think a day pass qualifies for drink coupons.

  6. @ stef – While I appreciate your critique of Lucky’s photography, I’m holding out for more photos of shower heads!

  7. last time i used the AAlounge “I paid” for access (skyguide reimbursement). I chatted up the lady at the front desk and she just gave me two coupons. In miami you get free liquor but not premium unless you have this pass, so you get absolut as opposed to grey goose. from now on i am going to straight up ask if they have an complimentary passes i can use…

  8. @ Michael — I don’t believe a membership gets you drink chits, and Gold in and of itself never gets you lounge access.

  9. @ brl — There does seem to be some degree of agent discretion when it comes to them, as sometimes I’m given one, sometimes I’m given two, and sometimes I have to ask.

  10. @ AUSTEX – while you are holding out for the shower pictures, I was hoping for more toilet pictures, but that’s just me! 😀

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