Plenty of ANA 787 business class award space out of San Jose and Seattle!

I’ve been wanting to fly the ANA 787 ever since they took delivery of their first one about a year ago. While several other airlines have taken delivery of the 787, none have as nice of a configuration as ANA (Japan Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines don’t even have flat beds in business class). ANA has a really nice fully flat product with seats staggered for utmost privacy (here’s the seatmap). Per ANA’s website, here’s a picture of the business class seat on the longhaul 787:

The bad news is that ANA has been very stingy with releasing business class award space on the 787 on their Tokyo Haneda to Frankfurt route, which was the launch longhaul route.

The good news is that ANA is starting 787 service to the US, and business class award availability is readily available.

Today ANA will be operating their first commercial 787 flight to the US, specifically on the Seattle to Tokyo Narita route. While they’re still alternating between the 777 and 787 for now, the route will eventually be exclusively operated by the 787. The great news is that there’s plenty of business class award availability on the route, as you can see below (I just chose seven dates at random):

ANA will also be launching 5x weekly 787 service to San Jose as of January 11, 2013, and award space on that route is spectacular:

I’d argue that this is the best business class product nonstop between the US and Japan, given that ANA has fantastic service and food, and the business class seats on this plane are awesome as well.

Also keep in mind that this is a great use of US Airways miles, as they only charge 90,000 miles for business class between the US and North Asia. Through their buy miles and share miles promotions being run right now, those can be had for as little as $1,000. I’ll definitely be making one of these bookings in the near future, especially once I’m a Seattle resident — it’ll be weird getting on a nonstop international flight out of my home airport!


  1. What is it with Seattle? Your the Second Tampa resident I know in the past few months to move there..

  2. That’s great you’re coming to Seattle, I think you’ll really like it here. If you have any questions or want any help/advice just shoot me an e-mail.

  3. For being a second-tier city, SEA has some pretty good longhaul international service: NRT, KIX, PEK, TPE, ICN, FRA, CDG, LHR, KEF, DXB.

  4. Good move on Seattle. I moved from Boca Raton to PDX and once lived in Seattle, it s a great city. Hopefully you’ll be able to tell me when Lufthansa upgrades their first class cabin to FRA. Lots of nice neighborhoods although you might want to live closer to the airport.

  5. Ben- When did you decide on Seattle? Did I miss that post?

    Also, why does ANA bus cl have 4 seats across on some rows and only 3 across on others?

  6. Even though you decided against Portland, I’m glad your coming out to the Northwest! People hate on the weather but I doubt it’ll be to much of a problem for you though, your coming from the the lightning capitol of America lol

  7. And don’t forget to come up to Vancouver and Victoria on Vancouver Island for a visit! Better join AS Mileage plan:-)

  8. @ John — Decided over the weekend, and post coming on it shortly!

    Rows have different number of seats because they’re staggered. Because they’re staggered they can only fit three seats in some rows.

  9. Hey Ben, didn’t know you decided on Seattle but congrats on the decision and I look forward to the 787 trip report.

  10. “I’d argue that this is the best business class product nonstop between the US and Japan, given that ANA has fantastic service and food, and the business class seats on this plane are awesome as well.”

    Seriously better than SQ?

  11. @ Jordan — Sorry, meant best product easily attainable with miles. Singapore is probably still a bit better, though not attainable with anything but KrisFlyer miles.

  12. Apparently the good availability continues only until the end of May, at least on the SJC-NRT route. Any idea if this will come back in the fall/winter?

  13. @ MtRoot — Both routes are brand new, so it’s anyone’s guess. I’m shocked they released so much space to begin with, since usually airlines want to feel out the market a bit before releasing award space to be sure they’re not “giving away” seats they can sell.

  14. Lucky, any seats in the ANA cabin suitable for two people traveling together? Looks like it is staggered such that you can’t see a traveling companion. Would love a post someday on the best (attainable) premium cabins for couples.

  15. @ Wln — Great idea for a post, thanks! Any of the odd row seats in the center section would be good for couples. The “D” and “G” seats are actually pretty close to one another.

  16. @ lucky — thanks. I hope this is not an introductory bargain release! Speaking of NH, the second NRT-JFK flight (NH1009/1010) also has good availability in F, even during the summer.

  17. I am planning a trip in the next couple of weeks. Lots of dates with reward space on NRT-SEA but none on SEA-NRT.

  18. Lucky, welcome to the 2nd best city in America. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to meet you in person and absorb your travel wisdom. I met Scottrick of HackMyTrip earlier this summer.

  19. any idea when will they be launching the new aircraft on the east coast routes? we need this in NYC… the connections to sea and sjc are awful.

  20. Saw the 787 yesterday at Seatac. Very cool. Then saw the UA 787 when I landed in Houston! Count me in as one of the SEA locals to invite to your housewarming party! I knew you would pick Seattle!

  21. @ MtRoot — Noticed that as well. GREAT option for award travel.

    @ Ko — So what’s the greatest city in America? 🙂

    @ Dan — That’s ANA’s website using the seven day search tool.

    @ Lantean — Doubt they’ll ever launch it to NY. The 787 is most useful on “long and thin” routes that they otherwise wouldn’t serve. For high capacity routes like JFK to NRT they’ll likely continue to have 777 service.

  22. I booked NRT – SEA last week using dividend miles. I have a trip to singapore for work in Dec and rerouted my through SEA to go on the 787

  23. Ben – Does ANA ever release First class space to partner airlines? been searching for info on this and seems like its a no.

  24. Is it possible to add a connection to get to SEA or SJC for the same 90k rate? Possible to build in an open jaw or stopover?

  25. Any more info or thoughts on availability beyond May 2013? I’d love to take advantage of this for a trip in September 2013…

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