US Airways’ amazing 100% bonus on shared miles for the month of October!

US Airways is offering a 100% bonus on sharing miles through October 31, which is by far the most lucrative promotion we’ve seen to “purchase” miles in a long time.

US Airways charges one cent per mile to share miles, plus a $30 transaction fee and 7.5% tax. The only “catch” with the promotion is that members can receive a maximum of 50,000 miles during the promotion period (not including the 100% bonus). That’s to say you can transfer as many miles out of an account as you’d like, but can only transfer 50,000 miles into a single account and earn the bonus. Furthermore accounts have to be at least 12 days old to be eligible to participate in this promotion.

So to put this into numbers, transferring 50,000 miles would cost $567.50, and you’d essentially be generating 50,000 bonus miles. That’s a mere 1.14 cents per mile, which is amazing. At that rate this should be a no brainer for anyone eying Star Alliance award tickets to take advantage of this.

Just remember the restriction as to the maximum number of miles you can transfer. If you’re just looking to top off a single account and don’t have any other accounts with miles, you might be best off transferring 25,000 miles to another account for $298.75, which well get you 50,000 miles in that account. Then you can transfer those 50,000 miles back to your account for $567.50, giving you a net gain of 75,000 miles for $866.25.

Of course if you have multiple accounts you’re willing to top off, you can do much more with this. šŸ™‚

Lastly, keep in mind that these transactions are processed by, which isn’t coded as travel for the purpose of credit cards (in other words no 5x points on the Chase Freedrom, 3x points on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, or 2x points on the Chase Sapphire Preferred).

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I think your math is wrong… buy 25k, get 50k total with bonus in account A, transfer 50k to account B, get 100k total with bonus, not 75k. Right?

  2. @ Matt — Sorry, maybe I didn’t communicate that well. You end with 100,000 miles in your account, but you had 25,000 to begin with, so the net gain is 75,000 miles, no?

  3. Ben, can you give an example of a great use of this offer for someone with 3 accounts in the family? How can we maximise on this offer?

  4. In Q4 Discover is offering 5% cash back for online shopping that would likely qualify for.

  5. How would this work if you only have one account with US Airways? Should I open one for my wife, then share? Are there any restrictions on doing this kind of thing (age of account etc.?)
    Thanks for any help here – looks like a good deal

  6. @ Apu – The maximum you’ll ever get in each of these accounts is 100K max. You can get creative by using or opening other accounts, but 100K per account with the bonus will be the maximum.

  7. @ Andy — Open an account for your wife but just make sure you wait 12 days before doing anything, since that’s the minimum age of the account to participate.

  8. @ Apu — Well the ideal situation is if you already have around 50,000 miles in each account, because then you can “share” 50,000 miles with each account and eventually all the accounts would have 100,000 miles, which is a much more usable amount for international travel.

    But only so much that can be done if most of the accounts don’t have any miles.

  9. Given that the USAir card is churnable, I don’t see the advantage unless you need the points in the next 18 months or so. Otherwise you can get both accounts up to 100k through multiple credit card bonuses.

    Of course, If I didn’t have a ton of miles already in United and Ultimate Rewards because of credit cards already, it would be a good dea.

  10. @ Beachfan — True, but the way I look at it the two aren’t mutually exclusive. At the end of the day this is a $1,000 business class ticket to Asia with a stopover in Europe. I’ll do that any day of the week, and also churn the US Airways card for other redemptions.

  11. Hi Ben — If I were to take advantage of this, it would be to top off my account to get two first class tickets, perhaps to Asia or Africa, with a stop in Europe.

    You haven’t addressed this in a while, so could you highlight what you think would be the best values with decent availability at this time for US Airways first class redemptions?

    I think many of your readers would appreciate such a post, or perhaps you could make a brief suggestion in a reply.

  12. Hi Ben,

    I also agree with Craig’s suggestion and perhaps include business class as well for trip from US to Asia with stopover in Europe.


  13. @beachfan credit card sign up bonuses are great but not enough for people who fly business or 1st class international a lot, i always take advantage of such offers. And the US Airways card USED to be churnable , not any more , i know 3 people who got declined, reason you had the card before and cancelled it.

  14. I got two US Airways cards in the span of 6 weeks this spring. Just need to talk nice to the agent and state your case šŸ™‚

  15. Lucky, do you think USAir will have any problem with a two-person loop? I mean, if I send 50,000 miles to Fred, and Fred sends 50,000 to me, can we each get the bonus? Or will USAir consider that cheating or something?

  16. Lucky,

    Not having the churn with USAIR is a game changer. (I already churned mine this year, but maybe it’s not alive).

    If you mean 4-5 times/year by a lot, then I agree. If you mean 2-3 times a year, I earn almost as much as I use (300k this year, without the mega 100k bonuses, plus 200k from flying).

    Part of my challenge is that I occasionally need an intl revenue personal trip to maintain ExPlat status. I’ve had to cancel free trips to pay for them!! (Not often luckily).

    However, I thought of something that might even make it appealing to me. Can you use your prepaid Amex to pay the fee? That takes the cpm down by about 33%. Now your talking 70 cent/mile, and I’m a buyer!

    (Accourding to Gary, I guess that’s how much I value USAIR miles!).

  17. I should mention my earn on card bonuses is for two people, myself and my wife.

    Of course, so is my redemption!

  18. @ beachfan — Yes, you can use the AmEx Prepaid for this, though maybe I’m missing how that brings the CPM down by 33%? Pray tell!

    Though I definitely plan on using the AmEx Prepaid for the miles I purchase! Just don’t see how it’s a 33% reduction. šŸ˜€

  19. Deals like this from USAirways are great for those of us who can’t get these credit cards and want to travel business class to the US from Australia.

  20. Thinking about biting the bullet on this one with some friends. We are in the Bay Area, so the SJC to NRT routing is very appealing. Do you have suggestions for stopovers that aren’t too hard to come by (for 3 people) on the return? Europe seems like a stretch considering we are on the west coast. Thanks — as always — for any insight!

  21. @ MillValleyMom — How about making Tokyo the stopover point and instead making the destination somewhere in China, Korea, Taiwan, etc.? That seems to be the best way to take advantage of the 787 in both directions and still maximize the award.

  22. = 5x UR! Just got my Ink statement and it categorized my Dividend Miles “Share” promotion via as “work related.” Awesome surprise

  23. Hi Lucky, can I transfer $24k miles each into 3 separate accounts. I know any given account can receive a maximum of 50k miles, but I am curious whether the main account is limited to how many miles they can share. Thanks!

  24. @ MillValleyMom — No limit to the number of points that can be transferred. Only limited to the number of points that can be received. So that would work.

  25. One last question (and thanks for being so responsive!), I am trying to get 96K into 3 accounts. I am starting with 0, but I have the targeted buy miles promo for my account. In order to do this, I am counting that I need 5 accounts in order to do the necessary transfers to get 3 accounts with 96k. Is that your calculation as well? Or, is there a way to do this with only 4 accounts? Don’t mean to give you a headache and feel free to tell me it’s too late for that kind of math!

  26. Hey Lucky, I know that you can’t use the usairway miles for LH First class, what about for their business class space?

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