Starwood offering 250 bonus Starpoints for Foursquare check-ins as part of “Better by the Night” promo

Starwood’s fall promotion, “Better by the Night,” runs today through December 20, so be sure you’re registered for that. Through it you earn double Starpoints for stays of up to two nights and triple Starpoints for stays of three or more nights. Beyond that you earn 250 bonus Starpoints per stay booked online, or 500 bonus Starpoints per stay booked using the iPhone app.

It looks like they’ve sweetened the promotion even further, since they’re also offering 250 Staropints for checking in on Foursquare during your stay.

As you can see they’ve updated the details on the promotion page to reflect this:

You can link your Starwood and Foursquare accounts here.

First you simply have to sign-in with your Starwood account information.

Then once you’re logged in select the Foursquare box on the left, as they aren’t offering any bonus points for Facebook check-ins through this promotion.

On the next page you’ll be asked for your Foursquare log-in details, and the next page will give you confirmation that your accounts have successfully been linked.

This promotion is actually getting pretty decent for one night stays. A $100 stay will net you 200 base Starpoints, 200 bonus Starpoints through this promotion, 100 bonus Starpoints if you’re elite, 500 bonus Starpoints if you booked through the iPhone app, and 250 bonus Starpoints if you check-in on Foursquare, for a total of 1,250 Starpoints. Not amazing, but not bad either. Keep in mind that all of this can be stacked with the Aeroplan promotion, which is an easy 5,000 Aeroplan miles for staying a total of five nights at any Starwood properties between September 10 and December 9.

(Tip of the hat to New Girl in the Air)


  1. So only one bonus per stay? no multiple check-ins allowed? And are they really cross-referencing the check-ins with your registered stays?

  2. Ben, This offer is a great deal for virtually no work but I have a question regarding SPG bookings. With the current 2x/3x plus iPhone bonus, which do you think is a better deal……..getting 7 UR points per dollar booking through the UR site or Better by the Night promo?

  3. @ Joediver — I’m probably missing something, but how would you be earning 7x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar on SPG hotels by booking through the Ultimate Rewards Mall? Did I miss some bonus?

  4. For the one night stay, I think you might have overlooked the 500 points welcome amenity (assuming Platinum status). So really wouldn’t it be 1,750 points?

  5. @ Consultant — Very true. I’ve been selecting breakfast lately, though if you select the points it would be 1,750 points, which is a great deal.

  6. Ben, you can earn 7 UR points/$ by booking through the 2X Westin Bonus (you can book any SPG property through the Westin site) combined with the Q4 Chase Freedom 5X Bonus for airfare, hotel and Kohls.

  7. @ JoeDiver — Ah, got it. Though unless I’m missing something you can still earn 5x points on the Freedom even if you book through SPG directly, right? If so it seems you’d just be giving up 2x points in favor of the 500 points for booking through an iPhone. So I guess the answer would be that if your stay is less than $250 it makes sense to book through the iPhone, and if it’s more than $250 it’s better to book through the Westin site.

  8. Anyone know whether award stays count as eligible stays for four square check in purposes? Or is it only stays that are earning the promo bonuses?

  9. @ Fly Prof — I can’t quite figure this out. On one hand the promo T&Cs say the promotion is only valid for paid stays, but on the other hand the Foursquare promo page says all stays qualify. If anyone has figured this out please let us know. In the meantime I’ll keep researching on this.

  10. Thanks — if no one tells us by next week, then I’ll try on my award stay and be a test case, I guess.

  11. Just a heads-up… not working right now, getting a message of ‘Connecting Failing – STARWOOD PREFERRED GUEST has a configuration problem and was unable to connect to your foursquare account’ when trying to link thru to Starwood.

  12. As a data point, I checked in 4 times in 30 hours at my last stay on 10/1, and only received one credit for 250 points today.

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