American offering lots of bonus miles for premium transatlantic travel!

Between September 25, 2012, and January 31, 2013, American is offering bonus miles for roundtrip travel between the US or Canada and Europe on American, British Airways, and Iberia.

The bonus miles you can earn are as follows:

So you earn 15,000 bonus miles for your first roundtrip, 35,000 bonus miles for your second roundtrip, and 50,000 bonus miles starting with your third roundtrip, with an unlimited number of miles that can be earned.

Now, the catch is that only the following fare classes qualify:

Includes First Class and Business Class fares booked in F, A, J, R, D or I; Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on American Airlines operated flights; First Class or Club World fares booked in F, A, J, R, C, D or I; World Traveller Plus or full-fare World Traveller booked in W, E, T, Y, B or H on British Airways operated flights; Business Class fares booked in J, C, D, R or I; Economy Class fares booked in Y on Iberia operated flights.

So if you travel in premium fare classes across the pond anyway, taking advantage of this promotion is a no brainer. And if you usually fly other carriers across the pond I think this promotion is lucrative enough to consider switching that travel to OneWorld. But even for the rest of us this promotion is worth keeping in mind. It’s not unusual to see $1,500-2,000 roundtrip business class fares from the east coast to Europe in the off season, and this promotion would only sweeten the deal further.

Actually, I’ll actively be looking for a cheap business class fare to Europe, as I also have American’s 2012 Elite Rewards program on the line. For reaching 125,000 elite qualifying points I’d earn 70,000 bonus AAdvantage miles, and I doubt I’d reach that threshold without a paid business class ticket. While I’ll end the year with roughly 200,000 elite qualifying miles, I’ll probably only have about 110,000 elite qualifying points (I explain the difference between elite qualifying miles and points in the linked post above). Booking a paid premium ticket would probably be the only way I’ll make it the 125,000 elite qualifying point threshold, which would earn me 70,000 bonus AAdvantage miles, plus another 15,000 bonus AAdvantage miles if I booked a transatlantic business class ticket, plus the miles I’d usually earn.

Registration is required prior to travel using promotion code AAEUR., and you have to be a resident of the US or Canada to qualify.


  1. I think this would apply if one books an Iberia I fare ticket, flying JFK-LCY on a BA operated flight and returning LHR-MAD-JFK on IB operated flights. Do you agree?

  2. Thanks for the promo code. Have a trip on BA planned, and I just registered. Another example of how you provide valuable information.

  3. Why on earth are you crediting more than 100,000 EQM to one airline? I thought you weren’t going to do that anymore.

    Why didn’t you go for US Chairmans or Delta Diamond (I’m not joking)? With the right credit cards and spend, you could reach Diamond for about 80,000 miles of DL or AS flying. Delta really is the best airline for domestic flying. Yes, SkyMiles stinks, but when you earn gazillions of *A and OW miles with credit cards, who cares?

  4. @ Gene — At the end of the day my domestic travel on American ROCKS. I get Flagship Lounge access thanks to BA Gold, the DFW Admirals Club has a gym, my upgrades clear regularly, I’m earning valuable miles, etc. Though maybe I should consider Delta…

    @ BrewerSEA — You’re absolutely right, whoops. Fixed.

  5. @ Erik J — The T&Cs say this:
    “A round trip is defined as travel in the same purchased booking class for both the departure and the return transatlantic flight segments.”

    So that doesn’t explicitly say you have to arrive and depart from the same city, so I’d say you’re good as long as the fare classes are the same in both directions.

  6. ” Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on American Airlines operated flights; ”

    ” full-fare World Traveller booked in W, E, T, Y, B or H on British Airways operated flights; ”

    What would be the cheapest N.America to anywhere in Europe fare that meets the above criteria ?

  7. let me know if you find any great fares.

    so if we are going to collect 1/2 million miles that is ok? no limit on this promotion?

    Are there any fares under 1K?

    thank you

    i love each and every single one of you miles addicts!!!

  8. @ Mike S. — I see a “T” fare in their premium economy for $1,383, though “T” fares are excluded, no?

    @ evan — Correct, there’s no limit to the promotion. Best fare I see is about $1,400 in coach between New York and London.

  9. @ jim — That’s a toughie. The main restriction I see is that one has to be a US or Canada resident. They say travel rountrip between the US/Canada and Europe so I suspect the intent is that travel originates there, though it’s not entirely clear. I’d recommend emailing AAdvantage customer service so you have it in writing in case you have issues later.

  10. I found AA in First (A Fare) for late December-early January, for $2255, meanwhile Business was going for about $2552 the same time.

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