US Airways offering double elite qualifying and redeemable miles through December 31, 2012!

US Airways is offering what’s no doubt the most generous airline promotion of the year. Through December 31 they’re offering double redeemable miles for all travel booked on with a Mastercard, and if you use a US Airways Mastercard they’re offering double elite qualifying miles as well.

Yes, you heard that right — they’re offering double elite qualifying and redeemable miles through the end of the year when paying with a US Airways Mastercard.

Registration is required by October 31 using promotion code MCDM. In order to qualify, tickets must be purchased and flown between September 17 and December 31, 2012. US Airways will award the bonus miles 6-8 weeks after travel is complete.

Up front I should say that I doubt we’ll see any other airlines match. The only two airlines that consistently match one another are American and United, while US Airways and Delta seem to operate somewhat independently. That being said, given American’s financial situation they might just match in one form or another, given that they’ll do anything they can to drum up more business and loyalty.

I’m actually almost tempted to go for top tier status with US Airways with this offer, since it really is extremely generous. I’m currently a Gold member with US Airways, so I’d earn 250% redeemable miles for all my travel as a Gold, and 200% elite qualifying miles. Keep in mind that if you don’t have status with US Airways, they sell 90 day trials for Silver, Gold, and Platinum status for $200, $400, and $600, respectively. Or you can literally buy Preferred Qualifying Miles, though it’s not exactly a bargain.

I find US Airways’ fares to almost always be cheaper than the competition to begin with, which makes this all the more tempting.

Anyone else actually thinking of flying US Airways as a result of this promo?


  1. Arg! I just booked a transcon with them yesterday morning using my DM Mastercard. Oh well.

    I’m just a Silver on US, but the frequency with which I get upgraded is amazing.

  2. Have been CP with US for many years — I think a good number of us count on these types of year-end EQM promos to re-qualify for CP status. Perhaps this DM MC promo is US’ substitute for the “Grand Slam” contest they usually run this time of year. The double EQM’s make US transcons mighty attractive – and thanks to this promo, will not have to make an Asia trip this fall to re-qualify for CP.

  3. Frustrating! I have a flight on Thursday, BOS-PHL-CUN-CLT-BOS that I bought on the US MC last month!! Arghh!!

  4. us air phl-hnl $545 EWR-PHX-HNL for 5 nights starting Nov 29…

    any idea if I book tickets for me and my wife on my Div Miles Mastercard if both of us will get double elite miles if she registers? She also has a div miles mc, but just curious if we could only use one card and both still get the bonus.

  5. Hi Lucky, look into you crystal ball and let us know if you think this is a backdoor way to achieve EXP through 2013 til early 2014. Should I mileage run 50k US to make CP in the hopes that by early 2013 this equals EXP all next year?

    What % do you the odds of a merger at this point and if likely by when?

  6. @ mac — Hah, this is *totally* outside my area of expertise, but if I had to guess I’d say the chances are less than 50%. Who knows, though…

  7. To be honest, I really hate US Airways and try to never fly them. There are truly no benefits to flying them as all their product is easily surpassed by others in the Star Alliance.

  8. I’ve already got Premier Platinum in the bag, so I won’t be foraying over to US Airways for this promo, but I don’t get why people hate them so much. I prefer United, and I’ll pay a few dollars more to fly them, but it’s not because UA has way better service than US, the difference is marginal at best, but I get E+ and a shot at F. If I didn’t get either of those benefits, I’d say they are basically equal in terms of domestic service and product.

  9. As a former CP, I must say- the upgrade % is incredible but their F/C product is lackluster and considerably shy on legroom.

    Since you’ve been wanting to review Envoy, the 4 one-way e-vertificates are fairly easy to use and of great value if you’re flying with a companion (otherwise it’s just 2).

    My favorite thing about being CP was the lack of change/redeposit fees on awards.

    Cactus has less hyped cache- unlike ExPlat on AA, you’ll RARELY be “thanked” for being top tier.

    JewJet on.

  10. i have US air master card but have no flight status with US air so US air charges $25 per baggage. i have southwest visa card and have no status with southwest but southwest does not charge me on first two baggages. compare: i have silver medallion with delta (1 free baggae) and a delta permier amex card (1 free baggage).

  11. It’s worded a bit strange, almost reads like you won’t get double miles when using US Airways card but only double PQMs.

  12. @ Alex — Yeah, something weird is going on here. I’d wait for them to clarify before doing anything. It just doesn’t make sense to me though if they offered only one or the other, since they’d be giving you an incentive NOT to use the US Airways Mastercard.

  13. Ugh. I just bought a YVR-phx-PHL-TLV-PHL-PHX-YVR trip. And what makes it worse, is I’m going to miss my mark of status by a few thousand miles. I wonder if there’s a way to “change” but earn the bonus…. @lucky, any thoughts?

  14. @ Ari — In theory reissuing the ticket *may* cause the ticketing date to change, though it’s no guarantee. Might be worth the risk if you don’t mind changing dates a bit and paying a fee, given how many bonus miles we’d be talking about.

  15. Lucky, I’m trying to figure out a way to use this promo. I was thinking of heading to London Columbus Day weekend. Flight would be BOS-LGA-PHL-LHR outbound and LHR-PHL-BOS coming back. Total cost $989 for what would be 15,233 elite preferred miles x 2 (30k preferred miles?) when I use my US MC, and I’d get a Silver bonus of 3,800 miles and requalify for silver for another year. This would be my first ever mileage run and I’d get a few days in London. Worth it? Am I figuring all this out right?

  16. @ Rebecca D. — I’d say that’s a bit more than I’d pay in your shoes. If you hold off a bit longer I suspect we’ll see better fares than that over the holidays. Heck, over Thanksgiving US Airways had a $900 business class fare from Newark to Dublin with several connections, so I definitely wouldn’t jump in the game at almost $1,000 for a short transatlantic trip.

  17. @Lucky. Thanks. Problem is I can only take a quick trip over Columbus Day weekend, or maybe another 2 day weekend; I’m booked all other holidays. I’ll really go anywhere to take advantage of the promo but I’d love to score enough miles to make silver again (I only have 6K this year so far). As always, great posts lately!

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