100% bonus on the purchase of US Airways Dividend Miles through September 30, 2012!

While they had a targeted offer released earlier in the month, it looks like US Airways made their 100% bonus buy miles promotion available to everyone for the month of September. US Airways usually sells miles for 3.5 cents each, so through this promotion you’re paying 1.75 cents per mile, plus a 7.5% federal excise tax, for a total of ~1.88 cents per mile. You can purchase a maximum of 50,000 bonus miles through this promotion (for a total of 100,000 miles), and your Dividend Miles account has to be at least 12 days old in order to participate.

There definitely are some cases where it can make sense to buy miles from “scratch” in order to book an award ticket. For example, a business class award ticket from the US to North Asia costs just 90,000 miles, and you can route via Europe and have a stopover on the way if you’d like. That comes out to about $1,700 plus tax for a ticket to Asia in business class, which is an amazing deal.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. @ SJ — For business class US Airways charges 90,000 miles to North Asia while LifeMiles charges 125,000 miles, so all else being equal US Airways is a better value.

  2. Ben, regarding a stopover in Europe on a North Asia business class award ticket: does it have to be a hub like FRA or ZRH, or can it be e.g. FCO or ATH?
    Can you stop in Europe both ways?
    And if you only want c.q. are allowed one Europe stopover, can you fly back from Asia transpacific, or do you need to go transatlantic again?

  3. @ Jeffrey — The stopover has to be at a Star Alliance hub or US gateway city, so that includes places like Rome (because US Airways flies there) and Athens (because it’s Aegean’s hub). You can only have one stopover and can return via the Atlantic or Pacific.

  4. I’m really tempted to do this since I’m looking at a trip to Hong Kong in December. What’s the best way to see what options are available? Do I need to call US Airways and have them look up hypothetical bookings?

  5. I’m done with DM. First class LH showing on ANA so I’m pretty sure it’s real. But can US book it, let alone see it, no. I’m sick of the same old tired story that all the other airlines must get the inventory. Poor US Air, but we’re a great airline right right. I’m done.

  6. @Andras usually shows up immediately for me in the past

    @Mike use the United.com website to search dates and see what is available. If you see First Class on Lufthansa (LH)… it’s not available more than 14 days out as it is a glitch

  7. @ Mike — You can use the United or Aeroplan websites to look up availability, and then just call US Airways to verify they have access to the same space, because in 90% of cases they do.

  8. @ Andras — What Mike said, it shows up immediately.

    @ JustPlaneNuts — Yep, unfortunately US Airways blocks all Lufthansa first class award space.

  9. Following your response to my question: do you HAVE to fly US to Rome, or Aegean to Athens, or can you use e.g. Lufthansa to those cities?

  10. Sorry I have a quick question. Can you buy 100k (50k+50k) form one account and get another gifted 100k from someone else’s account, hence get 200k at once?

  11. I’d rather say US Airways usually sells miles for 1.75 cents each, so there are a couple of days throughout the year were you have to pay 3.5 cents.

  12. Hi Lucky

    I’m new to this and was thinking about buying the miles and taking the wife. We’ve only flown business class once.

    Is there any particular airlines that you would recommend I use the miles on to fully experience business or first class?

  13. Hi Ben

    I was thinking of 2 options for after jan 15th, flexible schedule. Would like to fly business or first.

    1) (just Europe)
    Looking to do something like LAX – FRA and then CDG or LHR – LAX

    2)(europe stopover to asia)

    LAX-FRA-NRT (lufthansa?)
    NRT-LAX (perhaps ANA or Asiana?)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated – thanks!

  14. @ Dan — Sounds great! To Europe I’d recommend United’s flat bed product in business, Brussels Airlines, or Swiss, if you can find the space. To Asia I’d recommend ANA if you can get a 77W or Asiana, as they have the best products.

    Obviously North Asia via Europe is a better value since you’d be paying fewer miles for a LOT more travel, and can still have the stopover in Europe. But ultimately it’s the destination that’s most important.

  15. Thanks lucky for the suggestions. I am currently using ANA and United’s websites to look for award space for use with my us airway miles, do you suggest any others?

  16. @ Dan — Those are the two best sites for searching award space. United’s website is a bit easier to use, while ANA’s website is slightly more accurate in my experience.

  17. Lucky,

    I was also looking at US airways off peak awards to Europe. They had some first class availability from LAX to CDG and LAX to Munich. Have you tried their product on those routes?

  18. @ Dan — I haven’t though would like to. Their Envoy Suite is excellent, so if you don’t mind the cold weather I highly recommend it.

  19. @Lucky

    Thanks so much for the help so far, last questions I promise.

    1) Does US airways open up reward space as it gets closer to the flight?

    2) It will be our first time visiting Germany, what cities do you recommend? we like to spend 2-3 days per city and can probably fit in 2-3 cities.

    Thank you!

  20. @ dan — Yes, they sure do. Well the only two cities US Airways flies to in Germany are Munich and Frankfurt. That being said, if you don’t mind traveling around by train I’d say Munich, Berlin, and maybe Hamburg are the three most interesting cities.

  21. Hi Ben, have you transferred spg ptz to us airway miles before? I’ve heard it takes 3 days but its been 3-4 days and nothing has shown up yet. Thanks for the suggestion on german cities to visit!

  22. Lucky – I appreciate the patience and help. The miles finally posted after a week but too bad the award space was gone so I had to settle for coach on 1 leg. I will be at the FTU event on Nov 30th so hopefully I can buy ya a beer to thank you 🙂

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