US Airways offering up to 25,000 bonus miles for flying Star Alliance partners

Here’s a fun promotion. I’m not sure it’s practical, but it sure is fun. US Airways is offering bonus miles for travel on their Star Alliance partners between September 10 and December 15, 2012. If you fly with three of their Star Alliance partners you earn 2,500 bonus miles, if you fly with four of their Star Alliance partners you earn 5,000 bonus miles, if you fly with five of their Star Alliance partners you earn 15,000 bonus miles, and if you fly with six of their Star Alliance partners you earn 25,000 bonus miles (the above amounts are cumulative). Registration is required to take advantage of this promotion.

If you happen to be flying a few Star Alliance partner airlines between now and December 15, this promotion definitely makes it worthwhile to credit a segment on each airline to US Airways (at least for short segments). It may even be worth going out of your way to fly an extra segment or two on a partner airline to max out the promotion. But starting from scratch without any intent to fly at least a few partner airlines, I can’t imagine it’s worthwhile.

Still, I love the creativity of this promotion.


  1. Here’s a challenge: Can you puzzle together a 6-leg itinerary starting in the US that hits 6 different *A carriers? Extra browny points for < 4 CPM.

  2. United activity already booked, and will probably fly domestic Thai on vacation there in December. But I need a 3rd partner…

    Unfortunately a pretty difficult promo to take advantage of!

  3. It should be pretty easy to hit the target from the US. UA + AC + LX + LH + AC + LO for example.

    With miles valued at 1.2 cents it might be worth a run on its own with a cheapo Y ticket.

  4. Why do they offer an incentive to fly other carriers? I know this is has been done a lot in the past, but I guess I’m confused.

    And does this replace Grand Slam?

  5. They offer incentive to credit the miles to their program.

    Lucky: as A lawyer mentioned, ACs offer might be equally tempting – 50k miles for 10 carriers. The wording is a bit of opaque though, as one might consider it only applies to the 15 highest “earners”.

  6. Hmmm… i have flights this year remaining on UA, US, LH, LX, TG, and OZ. Problem is, i need them credited to UA to achieve status (gold and likely platinum w UA). Interesting though.

  7. This reminds me of a previous *A anniversary promotion several years ago that offered a free F RTW tix on *A carriers for flying a certain # of *A carriers. I got a wonderful RTW in F from it!

  8. This doesn’t even come close to the original Oneworld promotion back in 1999 where if you flew a flight on 5 different Oneworld carriers you got 100,000 miles. The promotion was available on all of the OW carriers at the time. My neighbor and I flew 20 flights and got 400,000 + flight miles. Total cost was $1,700 and I got to fly the Concorde with my BA points.

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