United offering up to 40% discount on purchase of MileagePlus miles through September 19, 2012!

Through 11:59PM CDT on September 19, United is offering a discount on the purchase of MileagePlus miles. They’re offering a 20% discount on the purchase of up to 30,000 MileagePlus miles, and a discount of 40% on the purchase of 30,000 or more MileagePlus miles.

You must use the links on this page in order to qualify for the discount.

With this promotion between 30,000 and 100,000 United MileagePlus miles can be purchased per account for 2.1 cents each, plus a 7.5% excise tax, for a grand total of ~2.25 cents per mile.

They’ve run this promotion a few times this year now, so as I say, it’s not a “steal,” though this is about as cheap as United miles get. United miles are among the most valuable mileage currencies out there, so if you need to top off an account (with 30,000+ miles), this is a great promotion through which you can do so. If you’re going to buy fewer than 30,000 miles and have a card that accrues Ultimate Rewards points, you’re better off purchasing Ultimate Rewards points and transferring them to United.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation as to whether or not to purchase. I’m just getting into the mileage game and not entirely sure about it all.

    I was wondering, though, if miles purchases would count as “travel”, earning you 2x/dollar on a CSP card?

  2. @ Andrea — If you’re just getting into the “mileage game” then I wouldn’t take advantage of this. Have you started credit card churning at all? I’d say that’s a better place to start, and then use promotions like this to top off accounts instead of just outright purchasing miles. And this should count as travel for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

  3. @ Alex — I’d say either the Premier Rewards Gold card (triple points), Chase Sapphire Preferred (2.14 points), or AmEx Prepaid if purchased with an Ink Bold/Plus.

  4. Hey Lucky, the offer’s back! (At first I just reached for a cached paged on my computer just to see what would happen, and then it went through…)

    Just to check, if I’m looking at a ticket from KUL to LAX, which shows no availability, but there’s availability for KUL-AMS, and AMS-LAX, will UA allow an award booking for that route? Thanks!

  5. @ Zhong Liang Ong — That’s correct, assuming there are no stopovers of more than 24 hours enroute and it doesn’t exceed the MPM by more than 15%.

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