One day left to book Qatar Airways award tickets using United MileagePlus miles!

As I noted last week, United’s partnership with Qatar Airways ends tomorrow, September 14. I’m only bringing this up again because over the past couple of days United completely stopped displaying Qatar Airways award space, which led many to believe that they terminated the relationship early. The good news is that Qatar Airways award space is once again bookable… for now. So don’t completely give up hope.

If you want to fly Qatar Airways, now is the time to make the booking. See this post for suggestions on making Qatar Airways bookings, given that reservations agents can’t see Qatar Airways award space for the most part. Qatar Airways has a great business class product and offers some of the most direct service to otherwise tough to reach destinations like the Maldives.


  1. Trying to book a multi-segment and I see availability but get an error code… called United and she said she can’t book Qatar or see any availability. Any suggestions?

  2. I was checking IAH – MAA and it did not show up yesterday, but it showed up today. went ahead and booked it, Cancelled my old reservation on lufthansa

  3. Forget my comment above. I booked YUL – DOH – DEL and called United and they attached the BOS – YUL on AC. I’m seeing lots of availabitily from YUL to DOH and connections.

  4. Thanks Lucky! I used your guidance and it worked like a charm, although it took me one hour on the phone with United for the taxes to be figured out. By the way, the return is from Rangoon on SQ/SQ/DL RGN SIN LHR BOS… as part of the RGN Bonanza and so far no luck on flyertalk trying to find anyone with a ticket issued on SQ stock to confirm their experience or any problems in RGN.

  5. Qatar airways will begin their easy deals from october which means cheaper mileage redemption to selective destination every month and its really worth it.

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