Aeroplan offering bonus miles for Starwood stays through December 9, 2012!

Aeroplan is offering bonus miles for stays at any Starwood hotel between September 10 and December 9, 2012. If you stay a total of three nights at a Starwood property you earn 3,000 bonus Aeroplan miles, or if you stay a total of five nights you earn 5,000 bonus Aeroplan miles. The nights don’t have to be consecutive, though you can only earn one bonus or the other. That means you’d earn a total of 3,000 Aeroplan miles if you spend three nights at Starwood properties, and a total of 5,000 Aeroplan bonus miles if you spend at least five nights at Starwood properties between September 10 and December 9.

In addition to the above you can earn 3,000 bonus Aeroplan miles if you stay a total of three nights at any Canadian Starwood hotel, for a maximum of 8,000 points that can be earned through this promotion. Registration is required though is retroactive, so all stays between September 10 and December 9 qualify.

It’s worth noting that this only applies to paid stays. That means award stays, cash & points stays, etc., don’t qualify.

But the beauty of this promotion is that you still earn points as normal even if you register for the promotion, and even qualify for their fall promotion. This bonus is just on top of everything else.

There’s something just a bit ironic about the fact that stays at any Starwood hotel count towards Aeroplan’s promotion, while there’s a list of excluded hotels for Starwood’s fall promotion.


  1. A different topic relating to SPG card:


    If I buy a visa gift card at CVS or Staples which I can then use at Charge Smart with my AMEX SPG card – Doe sthat help me meet my 5,000 dollar spending on SPG to get the bonus or gift card purchases do not count?

    Additionally, if it does count, will I earn regular points on the purchase – say $500 purchase will I get 500 points?

  2. Great to know about this. I’m not getting any email confirmation after registering, and the speed at which the window comes up saying “Thanks for registering” is making me suspicious (i.e. it’s instant, doesn’t seem to really submit the form). Normal? Or is something broken for me?

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