Starwood announces their fall promotion: double or triple points (and more!)

Starwood has just announced the details of their fall promotion, entitled “Better By the Night.” This promotion runs October 1 through December 20. Through this promotion they’re offering double points on stays of up to two nights, and triple points on stays of at least three nights.

That’s not all that exciting, though the cool part is that you also earn 250 bonus Starpoints per stay booked online, or 500 bonus Starpoints per stay booked using the iPhone app. Unfortunately there is quite a long list of non-participating hotels, which is often the case with Starwood promotions.

Realistically a one night stay that cost you $100 would net you 200 base Starpoints (300 Starpoints if you’re elite), 500 bonus Starpoints if booked via the iPhone app, and 200 bonus Starpoints per this promotion, for a total of 900-1,000 Starpoints for a one night stay. Not bad, though not exciting either.

I’d say Hyatt’s fall promotion is a bit better in most cases. For one, Hyatt doesn’t exclude any hotels from the promotion. But more importantly you’re earning a minimum of 1,000 Gold Passport bonus points per stay, so for a $100 stay you’re looking at a minimum of 1,650 Gold Passport points per night. That being said, the more you stay the more bonus points you proportionally earn. If you round out the promotion with 35 nights you can earn well over 2,000 bonus Gold Passport points per night (in addition to base points).

So yeah, I’d say Hyatt’s promotion is slightly better than Starwood’s, though neither is exciting. It’s gonna be a boring winter on the hotel front!

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. ugh- at first I was very excited about this, but then you mentioned the list of non-participating hotels.
    Do you have a link to that list?

  2. Actually- I don’t think the list is that bad- I seem to remember lists with a lot more non-participating hotels.

  3. In Jan-March 2012, Starwood had the same promotion of double pts for 2-nights and triple pts for 3 or more nights. So, bascially this is repeating a promotion.

    However, Starwood had a platinum challenge for you to earn a platinum status by staying 18 nights in 2 months. I earned my platinum status in Jan. If you have a chance to stay 18 nights or more in a participating starwood hotel in the 4th quarter, it is not a bad deal. I wish Starwood has the same promotion in Jan – March 2013 so that I can regain my platinum status by taking advantage of triple pts promotion.

  4. This SPG promo is like SPG Gold: Great reinforcement of existing behavior (hey, the promo is good on existing bookings!) but not a driver of new revenue. Gold is the same way — good if the property is already in my travel plans (or I need the 4pm checkout, how often is that) but otherwise not going to get my revenue if I’m undecided.

    I wish SPG would offer stackable promos.

  5. Check out the FAQs. You get the 500 point bonus if you book on your iPad using the iPhone App. Also you can modify your reservation using another channel. What counts is how you originally made the reservation. Cool.

  6. Not a bad promo, and there is no minimum. I’m close to my 75 nights for Marriott platinum so I’ll probably direct most of my stays to Marriott to help build a bulk of rollover nights for the rest of the year, but it’s good to know that if I stay a couple nights here or there at SPG properties, I’ll automatically get the double / triple as long as I stay two / three nights.

  7. Just a heads up that you do not get the double or triple pts on money that you spend at the hotel when you stay. I ended up getting it last year by calling the corporate office and fighting them on it. I stayed at Westin Aruba and was signed up for this offer and was under the impression that I was getting triple points (really 9:1 since I am Gold), but they told me that it was only on the cost of the room, which for me was $0 since I used pts. Good news is I fought it and got 4000 pts credited since I spent a lot of money on restaurants, drinks, etc. Just an fyi. Still a great deal and 12k starpts a night for a $400/night hotel can’t be beat. I am heading to St John Westin in January which is 12k/night. Had I paid cash it would be over $600/night.

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