United offering 40% discount on purchase of MileagePlus miles for two days only

Through 11:59PM CDT on Wednesday, August 22, United is offering up to a 40% discount on the purchase of miles. They ran a very similar promotion for their Facebook fans back in April.

With this promotion up to 100,000 United MileagePlus miles can be purchased per account for 2.1 cents each, plus a 7.5% excise tax, for a grand total of ~2.25 cents per mile.

Is that a steal? No, but it’s as cheap as United miles get. United miles are among the most valuable mileage currencies out there, so if you need to top off an account, this is a great promotion through which you can do so.


  1. Nice! A little cheaper than through Chase UR, and of course you can get a lot more at once.

    Thank you!

  2. I have the same question as Shimon. Been targetted for the 100% bonus on US and wanted to know which one would give me a bigger bang for the buck (already have 200k US and about 100k UA). Thanks Ben

  3. @ Shimon @ Vik — Between those two options I’d go with United miles in most cases. They’re a bit more expensive but also a lot more flexible.

    @ MarkJ — As far as I can tell its not targeted. You just have to use that specific link.

  4. I still find that you can sometimes get the Award Accelerator at cheaper rates. For many international flights I can find it at 2 cents a mile. I haven’t seen anything cheaper than 2 cents unfortunately.

  5. Hi Lucky
    Perhaps you can help. Followed the link in my email and get this message
    “Your order request contained errors. Please review the form and enter the information requested in red text.
    An error ocurred while processing your request. Please try again in a few moments. (java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 394)”
    No info is in red text….
    Have tried several times today

  6. Right now I have been seenin 2.1 cents on award accellerator on international flights. Not sure if there are any taxes, but assume excise taxes.

  7. @ imh and Ed
    worked around by gifting miles to OH using the BUY GIVE MILES link instead of BUY PERSONAL MILES, now I hope he’ll buy me some miles!

  8. Thanks Hilary — worked perfectly. For anyone who’s interested, I can confirm that the pending transaction on my credit card is showing as “airline – travel”. So, unlike points.com transactions, this should be good for 3x MR (as used to be the case with the old CO).

  9. Can these be used to upgrade premier status? eg if my account has 30k and i buy 20k will I hit gold status?

  10. TS – Um no…they want your butt in their seats to get privileges – it ain’t that easy -otherwise we’d all be 1Ks 😉

  11. @stephen – thanks…figured. but once in a while i get bonuses (e.g. 750miles for signing up for my points) that seem to give status for premier miles.

  12. @ ts — Not for purchasing miles, though in years past they’ve sometimes offered double elite qualifying miles promos, for example.

  13. Does anyone know when UA will be offering this promotion again? What is the best way to keep in the loop

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