Alaska offering a 40% bonus on the purchase of Mileage Plan miles

Through September 28, 2012, Alaska Airlines is offering up to a 40% bonus on the purchase of Mileage Plan miles.

They’re offering a 20% bonus for purchasing up to 19,999 miles, a 30% bonus for purchasing between 20,000 and 30,000 miles, and a 40% bonus for purchasing 30,000-40,000 miles. With the 40% bonus, the total you’re paying is about 2.1 cents per point. While that’s by no means cheap, there are some gems on the Alaska Airlines award chart, like first class from the US to South Africa via Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific for just 140,000 miles. Alaska is also partners with Emirates, and later this year it should be possible to redeem Mileage Plan miles for travel on Emirates. Whether it will be possible to redeem them in first class or what the cost will be remains to be seen, though.

Still, if you’re looking to top off an account for an award, this is a pretty good value.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. @ Son — You can use them for intra-Asia travel (25,000 miles for coach, 45,000 miles for business, 55,000 miles for first), and I believe a stopover should be allowed even though it’s within a single region.

  2. If I open up an Alaska Air account, will it be too late? and any fee charge for CX, say I want to take CX from JFK to HKG?

  3. Only thing to remember is…they wont let you use one way awards…so if you book an award ticket on the partners…you have to go there and come back on the same partner……no biggie, but it does kinda limit some options

  4. @ Charles — I don’t see any restriction as to the account having to already be open. They don’t impose fuel surcharges on Cathay Pacific redemptions, though they do have a few ticketing fees (though nothing major).

  5. Lucky- I see on the Alaska website, the max you can buy is 40k… is that per purchase or per year?

    I’m assuming it’s per year similar to other programs, but if it’s not, at 2.1 cents per mile, buying a $3k F ticket JFK-HKG(stop)-JNB roundtrip may be the deal of the century (guessing it’s at least $40k of value, based on JFK-HKG regularly being $25K roundtrip in F).

  6. @ ashby — To the best of my knowledge it’s actually per purchase and not per year. So that might just be a way to purchase enough miles for a Cathay Pacific first class ticket if you wanted to.

  7. Hi lucky, do you know if the miles can be used for redemption for flights from Australia to other Asian cities on CX?

    I see the options on CX chart are only Australia to NA or intra-Asia. This to me sounds like redemptions for trips like SYD-HKG-TPE would not be allowed?

  8. @ James — You’d want to call Alaska to be sure, though unfortunately I suspect you’re out of luck in this case. šŸ™

  9. Hi lucky, do u know if can i get a two stopovers in hong kong (one for outbound and one for return). SFO-HKG(stopover)-JNB (destination)-HKG(stopover)-SFO, all with CX. Thanks.

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