Starwood American Express 30,000 point sign-up bonus to return tomorrow!

For the past two summers the Starwood American Express has offered a 30,000 point sign-up bonus for a limited time, and fortunately they’ll be bringing it back this summer.

They’ll be offering the increased bonus on both their personal and business cards, and it will come in the form of 10,000 Starpoints after the first purchase, and an additional 20,000 Starpoints after spending $5,000 within six months. The increased sign-up bonus will be valid from August 7 through September 4, 2012.

The Starwood American Express was my first “major” credit card, and I’ve kept it year after year. A Starpoint is the single most valuable points currency, in my opinion, given that Starpoints can be converted to airline miles (with a 25% premium when transferred in blocks of 20,000 points), or can be used efficiently for hotel stays. But for me the single greatest benefit is that just for having the card you get two stays and five nights towards elite status with Starwood annually. And if you have both the personal and business card, that gives you four stays and 10 nights towards status annually, which makes Platinum requalification a lot easier.

Since I’m still running the St. Regis Bal Harbour 60,000 Starpoint giveaway until tonight, I’ll announce the details of the next giveaway first thing tomorrow (and I’m happy to report you don’t have to be on Twitter to take part).


  1. @ Brian — I’d say there’s a fairly good chance since it’s AmEx. I’d send them a secure message as soon as the link goes live tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the alert. I’ve been waiting for this promo to return especially since I’m worried that I might fall short of Platinum this year. The credit for two stays will help.

  3. Any idea how tolerant Amex is of multiple apps? I just got the Delta Gold card last week to get the 30k bonus, but I’ve been waiting for this deal. (I also have a personal Platinum, FWIW.)

  4. @ Faceless Bureaucrat — AmEx is in my experience the least strict when it comes to approving multiple apps, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

  5. I got a SPG biz card in late May and got exactly the same sign up bonus you describe above. After I completed my 5k spend I got 30k spg points. Not sure why this is now advertised as a new promotion.

  6. I had both the personal and business card but I cancelled the business card in May 2011 in order to focus on the personal card. Is 15 months long enough in your opinion to try to get the bonus on the business card or should I wait until next year’s offer? Thanks for your advice!

  7. @ michael — In May the sign-up bonus was 25K (10K after the first purchase, 15K after spending $5K within six months). Did you get a targeted offer?

    @ Michael — Typically AmEx will only let you churn every 24 months (from the date you signed up for the card). When did you originally apply for the card you canceled last May?

  8. Count me out. 5K spend on an AMEX for 30K Starpoints just doesn’t make sense to me. Add the 25% transfer bonus to airlines and you’re getting 37.5K Airline miles for that 5K. The 50K after 3K spend for a Citi AA card beats that hands down. And that can be done on a Visa, accepted everywhere.

  9. @ michael – You got the 25K offer but after you completed your minimum spend of $5K, you got 5K spg points for it. 5K + 25K = …hold on my calculator just died on me…

  10. Btw, I think you meant to say 4 stays and 10 nights in your second to last paragraph. 🙂

  11. @lucky it was not targeted. They gave me 10k after first purchase and then I got one point per dollar spent and once I hit 5k I got 15k points.

  12. Preacher: Starwood points can be easily worth 3-6 cents on their hotel redemptions, so it’s a pretty good offer. But I’m also getting the two AA cards and will apply for those first, on the same day.

    Time to put my net spending to good use :()

  13. @Peter Very funny Peter. You’re a real comedian. All I want to know is how this offer differs from what I got. Do you effecticely get 35K points with this new promo?

  14. Just signed my grandmother up for this one a few weeks ago, so hopefully they will match and bump her up to the 30k deal from current 25k.

  15. @ Oneeyejack — Whoops, good catch, will fix it shortly.

    @ Michael — This offers gives you 5K more. You get 20K bonus after spending $5K, not a 15K bonus like the normal bonus. So you’ll have a total of 35K points after spending $5K with this offer.

  16. @ David — I suspect it’s a restriction in place by Chase since they’re the exclusive credit card partner of United and have a strong relationship with them. They want to make sure you’re using a Chase card to earn United miles.

  17. Does the double browser trick work here for applying for both the Personal and Biz in the same day?

  18. @ Miles — No need for any “tricks,” they’ll approve you for both a personal and biz card in the same day without issue. 🙂

  19. As far as the credit hit goes tho. Does this work with AMEX or just Citi. Anyone have any luck with this?

  20. @ Miles — Since one is a biz card I suspect it won’t count as one pull, though I may very well be wrong.

    @ Vince — I think they should, though can’t guarantee it.

    @ Jeff — I doubt it, this is typically a US only promotion.

  21. Hey, I’m the ‘other’ Michael in this conversation line. The Business card I cancelled in May 2011 was open in July 2010. Do you think I would qualify for the 30,000 offer? By the way, I put about $1,000 per month on my personal card (if that helps).

  22. @ Michael — You should be able to earn the bonus every 24 months based on the date you originally applied, so you should be good to go.

  23. Does anyone know if Starwood requires that the name on the SPG account match the name on the credit card?

    My wife travels for work and already has the SPG Amex. I’m wondering if I could sign up for the card, but provide her SPG number so that she could get the stay credits toward platinum.

  24. 2 years ago, you got 30K with 1K spend. That’s a great deal. I’d be jumping all over that one. This one, not so much. 5K for me works out to 25K UR points (thank you Vanilla!), and those points become 25K Hyatt points, which is worth more than 1K at Euro Park Hyatts. I’d rather save the credit pull for the new Ink Plus.

  25. @ Michael — Thanks for reading!

    @ Craptacular9 — In my experience they do. And while it won’t help with the elite stay/night credits, keep in mind that you can make a household transfer of the points if you open a card in your name and want to transfer the points to your wife’s account.

    @ Preacher — Don’t recall the promo ever having $1K spend required for the full 30K bonus. You sure about that? I could be wrong…

  26. From what it sounds like from others’ comments, only one Amex pull will show for multiple apps (and it sounds easy to get both approvals). I got a targeted 100K biz platinum offer but would also like to apply for both personal and business Starwood cards. Would I be pushing my luck with 3 applications in a day, or is this something that’s fairly common?

  27. @ marZ — I’d say three applications in a day is pretty common and that you have a very high chance for approval, especially since it’s a split between personal/business cards.

  28. @ Kara — Absolutely, you just need to have an SPG account, which is free and quick to create.

  29. I have about a 760 credit score (no negatives other than credit pulls, etc.). . . 10+ year card history. I have only applied for about 1 card every few months until I applied for 5 cards during the past two months. I’ve only ever owned two Amex cards, both opened in early 2011 and closed early this year. I think Amex will pull Experian where I live, and I have three Experian pulls in the past month and, like I said, a total of 5 new cards in the past two months. Income multiple 6 figures, very little credit utilization. Am I likely to be approved for the Amex SPG?

  30. @ Rob — While there’s no way to say for sure, those sound like promising numbers, and I suspect you’ll be approved.

  31. @lucky – no joy on bonus bump with call and escalation. “We change our offers all of the time, and we apply the bonus of the offer you applied for”. Based on the line of questioning, if I had a targeted offer in hand, the outcome might have been different.

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