Chase Ink Plus is another great opportunity to earn 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points!

Update: This offer for the Ink Plus® Business Credit Card is expired. Please check out the current list of the best current travel credit cards.


I’ve written about the Ink Bold card in the past, and it’s one of my favorite business charge cards out there. The card comes with a 25,000 point bonus after the first purchase, and another 25,000 points after spending $10,000 on the card within three months. My favorite things about the card are:

  • 5x points on the first $50,000 spent annually at office supply stores and on phone/cable/internet bills
  • 2x points on the first $50,000 spent annually at hotels and gas stations
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • The card accrues Ultimate Rewards points, which are among the most valuable points currencies, given that they can be transferred to United MileagePlus, Hyatt Gold Passport, and several other programs

Just last week Chase introduced the new Ink Plus® Business Credit Card, which has identical benefits to the Ink Bold card, including the same sign-up bonus (and the $95 annual fee waived for the first year). The major difference is that the card is a credit card (meaning you can pay your charges over time) as opposed to a charge card (where the balance has to be paid in full each month), like the Ink Bold card. I don’t find the distinction in and of itself to be significant, since I pay my balance in full each month. If you finance charges on your credit card there are lower interest rate cards out there, so I wouldn’t recommend using a points earning credit card in most instances if you’re looking to finance charges.

But this card opens up a lot of opportunities in other ways. This is technically a new product, so you should be able to sign-up for this card and earn the 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points sign-up bonus, even if you’ve had the Ink Bold card before.

Here are a few of my favorite opportunities with the card:

Earning the 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points sign-up bonus on the card again

Chase has had two versions of the Ink Bold card. They had the original version, which they pulled last November. Then they introduced the new Ink Bold card in late November of last year, which offered the benefits listed above. The funny thing is that they didn’t let cardholders switch over their product from the old one to the new one, so you had to reapply. That worked for me, given that it was an opportunity to earn the 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points bonus again! As a result I presently have two Ink Bold cards, and I haven’t paid an annual fee on either yet.

Chase will almost always approve you for a new card by closing an old one

I’ll never close a Chase credit card without first applying for a new one. Chase is interesting in that if you’re not instantly approved for a new card they’ll almost always let you cancel an existing card in favor of a new one, and you can still earn the bonus on both. That’s the beauty of this for me. I have the old Ink Bold credit card (the one that was discontinued last November) which I’ve been meaning to cancel, but I figured I’d wait until right before my first year of membership is due before canceling (because ultimately the longer your credit history on each card, the better). Instead I can call the Chase business reconsideration line (800-453-9719) and have them close my oldest Ink Bold in favor of the new Ink Plus. Regardless of which version of the Chase Ink Bold card you have, you can usually apply for the Ink Plus and if you’re not approved automatically you can offer to close one of your existing Ink Bold cards in order to be approved for the Ink Plus.

Alternative strategy if you don’t have the Ink Bold or Ink Plus

If you don’t have either the Ink Bold or Ink Plus cards, you can always apply for one now, keep it for a year (until before the annual fee is due), and then at that point apply for the other card, which allows you to avoid paying annual fees for two years, and would earn you two sign-up bonuses. As is the case above, you can always offer to close one card in order to be approved for the new card if they give you any trouble.

Anyway, the beauty of the new Ink Plus for me isn’t in the fact that it’s a credit card as opposed to a charge card, as I pay all my balances in full each month. What’s great about it is that it’s like having another Ink Bold card, which is one of the strongest business cards out there, in my opinion.


In the interest of full disclosure, I earn a referral bonus for anyone that signs up through the above links. They’re the best available offers, and of course I’m very appreciative of your support, regardless of whether or not you use my links.


  1. Lucky, Ive seen private offers for this card direct from Chase as early as last month, giving the full 50,000 points after the first purchase. All other Terms and Conditions remaining the same. Keep your eye out.

  2. I was thinking of cancelling my chase sapphire card (annual fee kicked in). but my worry was that i would have to transfer out my UR points to some airline. If i get this card (while cancelling Chase sapphire), i should be able to keep the ultimate reward points accrued on the sapphire card alive right?

  3. Another great deal from chase for points. I am going to hold onto my original Chase Bold card for a few more months and earn my yearly 47K bonus. I will however get rid of one of my chase cards for the new Bold Card.

    Has anyone seen the new American Express web site and how poorly it is laid out and cumbersome to use. They took a great web site and destroyed it. Ben What would be interesting to see is a summary on credit card web sites, American Express just redid theirs, Chase redid theirs not to long ago and Juniper just rolled out their new web site. I have not spent much time on the Juniper site for an opinion. I am not thrilled with the new chase web site but it is usable, I can not stand the new American Express site. Their point value expect for the SPG card is not very exiting and the only reason I choose to continue to use the Amex card for travel is they have the best reporting. Ever notice how little information their is on a Chase on Juniper statement compared to an Amex statement. You get the name of the person traveling, ticket number and departure city. As soon as chase begins offering this if they ever figure it out I will move more purchases to them.

  4. @ NateEsq — They were offering the card on a targeted basis in the past, though it seems it’s the first time the card is being offered publicly.

    @ vinoy — That’s exactly right, you could transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to this account once you apply.

    @ Leonard — Great topic idea! Haven’t noticed that the AmEx website was ruined too much, though I’ll take a closer look. Still find it much better when it comes to the summary of purchases it displays than the Chase website.

  5. @Leonard

    how do you get a 47k annual bonus for ink?

    and yes, the new amex website is unusable… it seems like it was designed by a retard.

  6. Hey Lucky, I used your link to apply for the card. Had to call the recon line as I wasnt automatically approved. The rep took some credit from another card but said it still will be 2 weeks until I know for sure. Does that sound standard?

  7. @ Lantean — The original card offered tier bonuses for high spend, so if you meet certain spending thresholds you get bonus miles.

    @ Bill — Thanks for using my link! Often they can “tentatively” approve over the phone but not actually issue the official “yes,” so processing can take a while. You have nothing to worry about, I think.

  8. Thanks, Ben.

    Just applied and approved; our business was looking to replace a Visa/MC for something new and spiffy to run alongside AMEX Plat Biz. This looks like the right fit.

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