US Airways offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles for the month of August (possibly targeted)

US Airways has just announced that they’ll be offering a 100% bonus on the purchase of Dividend Miles for the entire month of August. However, this may be targeted, though I’ve tried logging into the purchase page for all the Dividend Miles accounts I manage, and they have all been eligible.

US Airways usually sells miles for 3.5 cents each, so through this promotion you’re paying 1.75 cents per mile, plus a 7.5% federal excise tax, for a total of ~1.88 cents per mile. You can earn a maximum of 50,000 bonus miles through this promotion (for a total of 100,000 miles), and your Dividend Miles account has to be at least 12 days old in order to participate.

Now, US Airways did raise the cost of purchased miles from 2.75 cents per mile to 3.5 cents per mile late last year. And back when they sold them at the old price, the promotions were almost always as straightforward as this one, without any further requirements. However, since then almost all the double miles promotions have come with fine print, like the bonus miles only posting weeks later, only earning double miles for a smaller amount, etc. So it’s actually nice to see them again offering it similar to the old model.

The best value on the US Airways award chart remains for travel between the US and North Asia for 90,000 miles in business class or 120,000 miles in first class, given that they let you route via Europe. Through this promo you’d basically be paying ~$1,700 plus tax for a business class ticket to Asia (with a stopover in Europe, if you’d like), which is a spectacular deal.

So while I recently valued US Airways miles at 1.5 cents each, that’s not to say you shouldn’t take advantage of this promotion. This is an instant way to get 100,000 miles, which is especially useful for those with immediate travel plans or those that don’t have the ability to sign-up for credit cards.


  1. USA-Australia for 110 in biz is a pretty good deal as well.

    Routing via Asia is a given but if youre persistent enough, via Europe and Asia is also possible.

  2. Didn’t have the offer either. I called (I’m gold) and they said it’s up to marketing who gets it, and there’s no chance that i could ask for it and receive it. super.

  3. I have never credited any actual mileage credit to us airways but bought a lot last June. Not a preferred customer as well. But I find out I’m one of the targeted customer…

  4. Buying Dividend miles is down right now. Link leads to a server error, but logging in and manually going to buy miles leads to the same error message. Will definitely be looking for the 100% offer

  5. Any word on when (if?) the Grand Slam promotion is going to start for 2012? If it’s going to start before this promo ends, may make sense to wait and see if buying miles counts as a hit.

  6. Targeted – done most of the prior mile purchase offers and this one has a new initial screen to get to the driven purchase screen – cost for the 100k purchase (50k + 50k bonus) was about 1880 (that includes taxes)

  7. I was targeted this time (mentioned that it was because I’ve redeemed), but my friend who wanted another 20k each for 2 accounts wasn’t on either.

    I wasn’t targeted earlier this year on the purchase promo.

  8. Ben, is US Air still blocking Lufthansa and Swiss First? Are there any other First products that are blocked, or just those two?

  9. Ben, if one were to use US DM to travel to North Asia in F, what products do you think are attainable? What about J products?

  10. I’ve redeemed 100,000 miles for a flight and bought miles twice this year at 100% bonus. Got this promotion too. it’s just hard to decide whether to put another $1800 towards future travel…

  11. @ amnesiac — Attainable in first class is United, Air China, Asiana, and some parts of the year ANA. In business class you can fly just about any Star Alliance airline except Singapore.

  12. LX business class seems to be (at least partially) blocked as well. US agents dident seems award space otherwise available on e.g. ZRH-MIA or PEK-ZRH.

  13. I have purchased miles twice this year and it does not offer me this special 100% bonus.
    My mom’s and sister’s account were both offered 100% bonus.
    This must be targeted…
    I noticed no more LX F class available.
    F class is becoming scarce when using miles from USAirways which I think is a great deal when you can find a flight and new rule I found out. Once you have flown the first leg, there is NO changing your return portion! Be aware as I wasn’t.

  14. OK – When I click on the link above it takes me directly to the Buy Miles screen – no where does it say anything about the promotion. Does that mean I am not targeted or am I just not looking at the right place? Thanks

  15. @ Lantean — No, Singapore doesn’t release business or first class longhaul award space to Star Alliance partners (aside from glitches like we had a few weeks ago).

    @ Anonymous — Sorry, totally forgot Thai, they are, of course, attainable as well. As far as TAM goes, they almost never release premium cabin award space.

  16. @ JetSetterFL — Does the above link make you log into your account? If so, and it doesn’t display the 100% bonus then you’re probably not targeted.

  17. Have no status but have been targeted with promotion. don’t think it is a good deal to purchase miles

  18. This is what I saw when I logged on:
    Thank you for redeeming your Dividend Miles this year!

    Boost Your Balance with an exclusive 100% Bonus when you Buy Dividend Miles before August 31, 2012.

    This exclusive offer is just for you* and you can only get it here.

    So maybe it does have something to do with redemption. I did not participate in the sale earlier in the year. I may buy a few just to top up the account, as it were.

  19. @lucky
    really? i could swear i remember TPG redeemed United miles for EWR-SIG flight and it wasn’t a glitch or anything… it’s because it’s not an A380 aircraft… all business class tho.

  20. @ Lantean — That was earlier in the year when they changed their mileage program, and for a period of a couple of weeks they released space to Star Alliance partners. Not anymore, though.

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