10,000 bonus Starpoints for stays at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass and Westin Kierland

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass and the Westin Kierland (both in the Phoenix area) are offering 10,000 bonus Starpoints for stays at both hotels between August 10 and December 29, 2012. All you have to do is spend a minimum of one night at each hotel using offer code 10YEAR, and the points will automatically credit within 30 days of the completion of the second stay.

As pointed out by Loyalty Traveler, you can stay at each of these hotels for as little as $119 per night plus tax, which is a pretty spectacular deal given that you’d basically earn 5,000 bonus SPG points per night.

The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass is available for only $133.28 per night including tax:

And the Westin Kierland is available for only $159.79 per night including tax:

So you’re looking at a total of $293.06 for the two hotel nights, for which you’d earn 10,000 bonus Starpoints, in addition to the points you’d usually earn. I value Starpoints at 2.2 cents each, so by the time you factor in the points you’d otherwise earn for the stay, it’s basically “breakeven.”

You can book the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass using this rate here, and the Westin Kierland using this rate here.

And if you’re in Phoenix for more than two nights you can always add on a night at the Biltmore for $119, with free breakfast, a room upgrade, and a $100 food and beverage credit.

Still very tempted to go to Phoenix this summer…


  1. lucky i actually sandwich’d the Arizona Biltmore into a 3 day weekend 😉 Added my HHONORS number to my reservation.. can’t wait to try it out .. $119, $119, $119 for each hotel = tons of points and benefits!

    FHR resort credit can be used towards resort fee & parking charge at the Biltmore

    Resort fee is waived for plats at the kierland

  2. don’t overlook Palm Springs… i stayed at 2 FHR resorts (La Quinta and Miramonte) for $100 each…

    Vegas has great FHR properties too

  3. Lucky – suggest waiting until the fall to stay in Phoenix :-). Or, if you’re in the area earlier, check out Flagstaff and Grand Canyon.

  4. Are those the min rates all through the duration or can one look and find lower rates?

    I can ask a couple friends to stay there for me (on their names and ids) and I will pay… Once they get the SPG points, they can transfer it over to me for free, I believe!

  5. hi so is this for an unlimited number of stays? one can just check in and then check out for one day stay away from the hotel for one night the re check in?

    also I will be in phoenix so if anyone wants I can check intothe room for them m90291 at gmail com

  6. I live in Phoenix, and if they allow someone else to check in under your mileage number, I can check in and out for people. You can email me at jhill10428 at aol com. I can do it any night from now till the end of the year.

  7. @ Ken Y. — The above rates include the resort fees.

    @ Apurva — You have to book the rate using the special code, and those were the lowest rates I could find with it.

    @ mike — You can just earn the bonus for one stay at each hotel.

  8. Hmm — something I could take advantage of. If I can do this before the end of August, I’m still getting 3x for the “nice choice” promo, so that makes it even more tempting. By my count, I would get triple base points (6×119 = 714), plus 119 elite bonus, plus 500 plat amenity for each stay. So, that’s 1,334 per stay, plus 10k, totals 12668, for about $300. Not sure it’s worth it to me as a pure mattress run, unfortunately.

  9. Ben — Westin Kierland seems to be permitting booking of “10YEAR” prior to August 10. Do you happen to see an terms or conditions anywhere that state the rules; I don’t want to book this weekend only to not be able to go there.

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