Where am I?

Okay, I made this entirely too easy, but here it goes…

In case anyone can’t read what the sign on the red dress says, it’s “please take your time I enjoy watching,” and that display is located above the toilet. Nice.

Now, here’s a tougher question. What “signature item” is missing from the minibar snack basket?


  1. W retreat and spa seminyak? I believe the last pic has something on the bottom right, although I haven’t seen sugus outside southeast asia.

    The closest I’ve been to this spot was Villa Lumbung Bali, so no idea about the goodie bag.

  2. My wife said “BALI” as soon as she saw the bathroom figures. 🙂 Why didn’t you go for a villa upgrade? Plunge pool was great! Top 10 hotel breakfast there as well–best use of the SPG Plat breakfast amenity option for me so far.

  3. I believe they call that missing amenity the “intimacy kit” – personally I don’t need a kit.

  4. @ Tao — They seem to just upgrade Platinum members to oceanview rooms. The rooms are great so have no issue with it, as they only have a handful of suites as far as I know.

    @ Brady — Hah! How do you score a villa upgrade here?

  5. @ Lucky — I played the system a little. I payed for a villa for the first night and then was on the stay 4, 5th night free award nights and asked for the rest of the trip to stay in the room. They were more than happy to do that for me. 🙂 For $325, I got a villa for 6 nights. Only way I could play the villa “upgrade” for the trip. 🙂

  6. When I saw that you were staying at IC I was bored, but not anymore! Especially as this is only your second W, at least since you started the TR index.

  7. @ Brady — Well done! Only here for a couple of nights and really like the views from the oceanview rooms, though might have to try that trick next time.

  8. W Retreat & Spa Bali in Seminyak, but it doesn’t look like you got a suite upgrade like I did this past October. When I checked in, I actually was told there were no available suites and then went online and saw suites for sale (I was there mid-week, very non-peak time), so went back to front desk to show suites for sale and asked for one. Suddenly a suite just became available!

  9. @Brady – did you ask to stay in the room after you got there or before? I am looking at making reservations this week for a future trip on the island myself.

  10. Nice, I will be in Bali this December staying at an independent villa in seminyak. Can’t wait!

  11. Shame to see you here @Lucky. This was my least favorite part of my Bail trip – you’d be much better off at the St.R, Laguna of Westkn!

  12. @ Ari — Hah, I wasn’t prepared to spend $600+ per night for the St. Regis, and both the Westin and Laguna got awful reviews on FlyerTalk. Only spending two nights here. While it’s not very Balinese, I do think think it’s a beautiful resort. Though it could be just about anywhere…

  13. @ Katie — I called the SPG Plat line and had them put the request in and call the hotel and then mentioned it again when I checked in. They seemed to know what I was doing before I got there, because it didn’t surprise them when I mentioned it again. When you are on a revenue stay in the villas, breakfast is included, and then I chose the breakfast amenity for the award stay portion. They gave me the 500 bonus pts for the rev stay and then added breakfast amenity for the next 5 nights. WAY worth it for that option–get entire breakfast including the menu.

  14. I much prefer the west to the east. I too stayed at the St. Regis, and found the service and property rather sterile. It seemed made for a type of traveler above it all. Puri Bali on Jimbaran beach blew away my expectations with the warm and gracious service and beautiful beach.

  15. @lucky I’m headed here Ina few weeks for the last leg of honeymoon. Any room suggestions I should be asking for upon arrival? Any other general suggestions?

  16. @ Chad — They only have a handful of suites so rarely upgrade Platinum members to them. So you’ll probably get an oceanfront retreat, which is perfectly nice. I’d just hope for a room on as high of a floor as possible. I’ll have the report up shortly.

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