Singapore Airlines’ San Francisco to Singapore service (via Hong Kong) goes Airbus 380… for a limited time!

A couple of weeks ago Singapore Airlines released virtually all of their premium cabin award availability to Star Alliance partners for a period of about two days.

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to book Singapore’s top cabin on the Airbus 380, Suites Class, since even Singapore Airlines’ own KrisFlyer members can’t redeem for it at the saver level.

That means the only hope for a Singapore Suites redemption is to book a route that is presently operated by something other than an Airbus 380 in first class, and hope for an aircraft substitution down the road. Just last week Singapore Airlines announced that another one of their Singapore to Melbourne frequencies would be operated by the Airbus 380, and as it turns out many of you booked the flight when the opportunity arose, and are now confirmed in Suites Class.

Well, there’s more good news. Singapore Airlines has just announced that their SQ 1/2 flights, which operate their route between Singapore and San Francisco (via Hong Kong) will be upgraded to an Airbus 380 between December 28, 2012, and March 24 2013. This means anyone presently booked in first class should see their reservation updated shortly to reflect Suites Class. Meanwhile they’re downgrading the New York to Singapore via Frankfurt route to a 777-300ER during that period.

The funny thing is that I didn’t follow my own advice last time around and book a seat between Singapore and Melbourne. I also didn’t have a trip booked in first class between San Francisco and Hong Kong, though I made two bookings for that period of time when the flight is supposed to be operated by an Airbus 380 just a couple of hours ago using KrisFlyer miles for first class. At 140,250 KrisFlyer miles and $336.27 in taxes/fees/fuel surcharges for roundtrip Suites Class between San Francisco and Hong Kong, I’d say it’s a great deal!

And if you have KrisFlyer miles there’s still an opportunity to redeem for these flights. While Singapore has formally made the announcement, they haven’t yet updated their reservations system to reflect the Airbus 380, so there’s still first class award availability at the saver level. Again, this opportunity is only available to those with KrisFlyer miles (not those with Star Alliance miles, since Singapore doesn’t ordinarily release first and business class award space to partner airlines), and I suspect the system will be updated within a couple of hours. While KrisFlyer is partners with American Express Membership Rewards, unfortunately the transfers take around 24 hours, so it’s too late to take advantage of this via that method.

(Tip of the hat to Stefan)


  1. This is great news! I have planned a trip from SFO-SIN for early next year, but haven’t booked. I typically go Cathay, but will definitely move to SQ in J class to take advantage of the A-380!

  2. Bingo…. Sweet! Still any chance they upgrade the LHR-SIN route with the 773 to the A380?

  3. I can only hope they extend the end date for A380 service because I only have SQ1/2 booked farther out. šŸ™

  4. I feel like I’ve won the lottery twice on that one… booked in February, can’t wait to see the changes reflected online!

  5. SQ has, in the past, not moved people from First to Suites but instead offered Business. This was even done on revenue tickets.

  6. Very curious about Matrix comment. Point Me To the Plane posted a pic of an updated SIN-MEL flight on the A380 which is now showing ‘Business (R)’. Could this actually be a business class seat (and is the joke on us?)?

  7. @Matrix @Steelsnow I think we’ll be seeing the suites. Though you’re right, in that my USAirways reservation shows “Business (R),” I think the system is just confused. Given US normally doesn’t work with “R” from SQ (or anyone for that matter), it has just assumed it is in business class. That said, what’s important is the “R.” On top of that, I have been moved (on SQ’s “manage my booking” page) from 1C to 3C. Another clear sign I’m going to be enjoying a double bed in the air – no I’m not flying alone šŸ˜‰

  8. Cross my finger that Matrix is wrong. We are flying out mid-February and it will be great if we can try out the Suite! Yesssss…

  9. So this will definitely be gone tomorrow? I was about to book some new years plans but I need to transfer AMEX points. Shoot!

  10. Maybe the switch of the overnight SIN-FRA flight to a 77W means it’s possible LH9763 will get some A space. I was going to book the day flight on an ex-CMB fare but then inventory on LH9765 changed to F4A0 until EOS…

  11. I have SQ2 booked from the release 2 weeks ago. So awesome that I’ll be in Suites! I just checked and they haven’t updated GDS yet.

  12. @ Steelsnow — Given that they’re not taking delivery of many more A380s, they’d have a hard time doing that unless they took it off another route. So I’d say it’s possible but not especially likely.

    @ Matrix — Years ago they did, though in the past two years I haven’t heard a single report of someone being downgraded from first class to business class instead of upgraded to suites.

    @ Steelsnow — Don’t worry! United just recognizes “R” as business class. It’s suites class, I promise!

    @ Adam — Definitely? No. But it’s very, very likely. This is the first time I’ve seen them make the announcement more than a few minutes before they update their reservations system. So you can always try, though be prepared for it to be the A380 any minute.

  13. Have SQ1 booked on March 21st. Can’t wait until it updates and I can see that sweet suite!

  14. Great news Lucky!

    Any idea if it will be continued in 2Q2013? That’s when I’m on it.

  15. @ beachfan — Unfortunately I suspect not. The A380 seemed to be doing well on SQ25/26, though for obvious reasons it’s especially slow in the winter months, so the swap makes sense. Beyond that I can’t imagine they’ll keep it unless they’re seeing especially strong numbers on the route and week numbers on other routes.

  16. Wow – sounds like a great deal. Just checked a while ago and yes, it looks like the system has not been updated yet, and “Saver” awards for March 2013 (KF miles) in 1st class are still available! Unfortunately, I have plans to travel elsewhere, and not SFO, so to those who have snagged seats, have fun!

  17. Interesting to note that this period is still showing 77W and still bookable in F. I had to sweat it for the last 24 hours while I transferred Amex points but was able to get seats in early March next year just now. Now I’ll be checking hourly for when (if?) it switches to 380! Either way I’m happy.

  18. @lucky, thanks for clearing that up, my experience (indirect) is indeed from a couple of years back when SQ treated Suites as something truly above the rest.

    My experience regarding Suites is curious though. In the past it was impossible to get and priced way above F in revenue tickets. Then last year they opened up Suites to A and P buckets as well and for instance it did not make any difference if you flew SIN-MEL in Suites on an A380 or regular F on the 77W. This year, i.e. for a booking early 2013, there is a steep difference between a 77W or a Suites.

    I guess they went from unattainable to lax, to normal.


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