~$1,500 business class fares to London over Thanksgiving

I realize it’s a bit early in the year for most people to realize they dislike their in-laws enough to book a ticket out of the country to avoid having to share an evening with them. But just in case you’ve already reached your tipping point there are some great fare sales to Europe over Thanksgiving week that are worth pointing out.

While fares to Europe are reasonable across the board, there are roughly $1,500 all-in business class fares between New York and London on Delta and Virgin Atlantic nonstop, and on Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, and more, with connections at their hubs.

I’m a huge fan of Virgin Atlantic and they have both a new Clubhouse at New York JFK and a new Upper Class product on the Airbus 330, so I’m rather tempted by this deal.

It’s always interesting/entertaining to break down the fare and see that less than a third of it is the actual fare, while half of it is the fuel surcharge and the rest is taxes.

It’s worth noting that for a business class award ticket on the same dates Virgin Atlantic is charging 80,000 Flying Club miles plus $1,053.50 in taxes/fees/fuel surcharges, meaning the revenue ticket only costs you ~$490 more.



  1. I always think twice about booking C award seats for the short hop over the pond. I won’t even think twice about spending $1500 bucks. ;p

  2. I got in on that sale last night – thanks!

    I’d avoid the A330 in Upper Class. I flew over to LHR on the VS4 last week. The cabin feels very tight as they squeeze in 4 across vs. the 3 across on the A340. I flew home on the 747 in 12K, right in the nose cone. It felt so much more spacious. I’d recommend the 744 followed by the 346, the 343 and lastly the 333.

    The new JFK post-security Clubhouse is awesome.

  3. Fingers crossed that OW matches, need to keep new EXP. these fares seem to be good only from East Coast, haven’t found the West Coast equivalents.

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