Sheraton Frankfurt Airport offering Facebook fans 99 Euro rates for stays through August 31, 2012!

The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport is by far the most convenient Frankfurt Airport hotel since it’s connected to the terminal, and also has quite nice rooms in their renovated tower. If you’re a Starwood Platinum member they also have a surprisingly nice club lounge for an airport hotel. You can read a review I wrote about my stay earlier in the year here.

Anyway, they’re presently running a Facebook promotion whereby they’re selling 999 room nights for 99 Euro each. Simply book your room through this link (if you can’t read the most romantic language on earth, just click “Sprache” at the top right and select “English) by July 31, 2012, for a stay through August 31, 2012, and you should be eligible for the rate (at least until they reach the room cap). It’s worth noting that the rate is fully refundable, so this is about as low as it gets.

This worked out really well for me for an upcoming Frankfurt overnight. I was planning on using Cash & Points, which would have cost 4,000 SPG points plus $60USD, but instead I’m paying ~$122USD. Seems like a great deal to me! I’ll gladly spend an extra $62 to save 4,000 SPG points and earn points!

I mention this promo because I suspect there are a few of you with overnights in Frankfurt over the coming months after what happened this weekend. 😉


  1. I have booked the Hilton FRA Squaire for 113EUR, this is their Great Getaway rate. I have stayed at the Sheraton, but am looking forward to trying the Hilton. I think the Sheraton is only a coupld hundred feet closer….

  2. @ elsie — Yes, the two new Hilton properties at the airport are definitely HUGE competition and very tempting since they’re brand new. I’m aiming for 50 SPG nights this year, so sadly I don’t have much of an option. 😀

  3. Seems like it’s non-refundable rate just worded differently:

    ‘Bei einer Stornierung zwischen 09.07.2012 und 6:00 PM (Hotelzeit) am 10.07.2012 fällt keine StornierungsgebĂźhr an. Bei einer Stornierung nach 6:00 PM (Hotelzeit) am 10.07.2012 fällt eine StornierungsgebĂźhr in HĂśhe von 1 Übernachtung(en) an. Es kĂśnnen zusätzliche GebĂźhren und Steuern anfallen. ‘

    Which seems to say that if you cancel tomorrow (not sure which time zone) it will be a one-night charge as penalty.

  4. @ TJ — In English:
    “Cancellation Policy:

    If you cancel between 07/09/2012 and 6:00 PM hotel time on 07/13/2012, there will be no forfeiture amount. If you cancel after 6:00 PM hotel time on 07/13/2012, the forfeiture amount will be a 1 night stay. There may be additional applicable charges and taxes.”

    Seems refundable, no?

  5. @ Frank — There’s no shuttle since the hotel is connected to the terminal. It’s maybe a 10 minute walk to the FCT.

  6. Unfortunately, I will be staying there on September 9 — just a few days later! At least I got the 60 USD + 4k SPG cash and points offer …

  7. Depending on how much time you have in FRA, I recently booked the Le MĂŠridien Parkhotel Frankfurt for ~112EUR, in mid-July, inclusive of breakfast; best part is it was a BRG so 2k extra points ( also had a better rate than SPG for the Westin in Frankfurt).

  8. Thanks for pointing this out… booked a night in August. Not sure if we will stay at the Sheraton, or the Hyatt, but nice to have options!

  9. Finally these asshole’s monopoly on FRA is over, remember when they used to charge 200+ EUR regularly on shitty 3-star-hotel rooms.

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