Alaska Airlines eliminates 1,000 mile booking bonus for using Mileage Plan Visa card as of August 1, 2012

Per the most recent statements sent to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Signature Visa card holders:

Effective August 1, 2012 there will no longer be a 1,000 mile bonus for Alaska Airlines purchases on Thank you for your continued patronage.

Alaska was pretty unique in allowing those that booked with their Mileage Plan Signature Visa card to earn an extra 1,000 Mileage Plan miles per ticket. Furthermore, since all Alaska fares price as one-ways, this actually meant you could earn 2,000 Mileage Plan miles per roundtrip by simply booking your tickets as one-ways.

It’s sad to see them eliminate yet another benefit. Alaska sure is on a downwards spiral lately as far as their offerings and benefits go. Just a couple of weeks ago they were the first major airline to add baggage fees for some first class passengers. There’s nothing “North of Expected” about them anymore…


  1. That was a nice deal, sorry to see it go. But they still have the first class companion benefit with BofA and the Emirates partnership, plus the Cathay deal to JNB.

  2. @Carl there have been several rumors about the companion ticket benefit being limited, I sorely hope not as it’s one of the very best benefits in all of travel..

  3. That 1000 point benefit was why I always bought my Alaska tickets using the BofA Alaska credit card.

    When that benefit is gone, which card would you use for Alaska tickets? Amex Gold Rewards (3 MR points)? Chase Sapphire (2.14 UR points)? Costco Amex (2 cents)? That all seems better than 1 Alaska mile which is all that will be left.

    As far as the card itself, now it’s a $75 fee, plus around $110-$140 in charges, depending on the itinerary for the companion ticket, so the card’s value is greatly diminished.

  4. Does the 1K bonus only post after completing the flight, or should they be on the statement that has the AS ticket purchases on it?

  5. @ Carl — I’d go with the PRG as the next best option.

    @ Haloastro — Oddly enough it posts before you fly. It also posts directly to the account and not on the statement.

  6. @Carl: The BoA AS Visa still gives you 3 miles per dollar on AS purchases. AS miles aren’t quite as flexible as UR or MR points, but depending on whether you’re UR/MR point rich (or poor) the flexibility may matter less than having diversification.

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