Less than a week left to register for Starwood’s “Nice Choice” promotion

Just a reminder that registration for SPG’s “Nice Choice” promotion closes on Saturday, June 30. As I said in the original post, you’re best off waiting as long as possible to register given that there are so many choices, both in terms of qualifying periods and rewards.

See my previous post for full details on the choices. I’ve only had six stays so far during the qualifying period, and I have no clue which option to go with. I just have a really hard time getting excited about this promotion since there are way too many choices and it has me constantly second guessing myself, which probably isn’t worthwhile given that the options aren’t even that rewarding.

Have you guys registered yet? If so, which options did you go with?

Either way, don’t forget to register by Saturday, or you’ll end up with nothing.


  1. May 1 – July 31, 3x Starpoints after 15 nights. So far so good since I’m in a hotel every week for work.

  2. Thanks!
    I recently stayed at the Sheraton Santa Monica and my normal platinum points posted including the 500 platinum amenity BUT i also got an extra 500 points randomly and the description was “SVC PROMISE 500 PTS.”

    Any ideas on why I got these?
    Love random bonus points 🙂

  3. I have registered for the last period (until September 30) for the 500 Starpoints bonus on Sheraton nights.
    Most of the time I choose budget motels/hotels and only stay a few nights at somewhat fancier hotels like Sheraton, so this fits me the best. I’ll have only one night at a Sheraton though.
    Nevertheless, I’ll take the bonus happily 😉

  4. @Lauren, last March I stayed a night at the Sheraton Ontario Airport and I received the 250 gold amenity and an extra 250 points with a similar description (except for the number of points, of course).
    I have no idea what it meant. The only thing I remember is that I had to ask the checkin clerk about the new benefits (he didn’t do it by himself). So I wondered if I got a bonus because of some “Service promise”?
    Well, I didn’t ask SPG and said to myself the same thing you mentioned:
    Love random bonus points 🙂

  5. @Ralfinho – thanks for the comment! The only thing I can remember is I too had to ask the checkin clerk about the new benefits and also about upgraded rooms so maybe that is what the service promise means? I will certainly continue to call out checkin clerks who do not recognize my status proactively and hopefully this will continue 🙂

  6. I did triple points starting July 1. This month I’m doing Marriott so I can hit the megabonus before I jump back to SPG in July!

  7. I did 3x points after 15 nights as well. I booked 3 rooms for a friends 3 day birthday party which gave me 9 nights credit towards it, so was pretty easy to make.

  8. @JG, that’s of course another possibility.
    I didn’t consider this because in my case it was a one-night stay. So it shouldn’t have netted points for any green choice.
    During my next vacation in the States I might have the chance to take advantage of this. Thanks for the reminder!

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