Avianca, TACA, and Copa award space now bookable online with Aeroplan, ANA, and United!

On Thursday I wrote about Avianca, TACA, and Copa’s official entry to the Star Alliance, and I figured I’d provide two quick updates.

First, it’s worth noting that their award space now appears in Starnet, meaning award space on all three airlines is searchable and bookable on ANA, Aeroplan, and United’s websites. This is a hugely valuable enhancement.

Oh, and remember the last part of my previous post?

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of excited to book a few awards on any of the above airlines with US Airways. Am curious which geographical region they think Colombia belongs to (my money is on Europe or the Iraq).

Yeah, well I had my first experience.

Me: “Hi, I’d like to book an award on TACA from Miami to Guatemala City.”
US Airways agent: “You wanna go where?”
Me: “Guatemala City.”
US Airways agent: “What country that is?”
Me: “Guatemala… TACA is a new Star Alliance member airline, and it’s their hub.”
US Airways agent: “Can I place you on hold for a minute?”
Me: “Okay.”

*agent puts me on hold for a few minutes*

US Airways agent: “Sir, you said you wanted to go to Lisbon, right?”
Me: “No, Guatemala City.”
US Airways agent: “Well I just talked to my supervisor and that airline you were saying is based in Lisbon.”

Oy… someone rescue me.


  1. No, that’s the airline that had the hit single “Putting on the Ritz” back in the 1980s…

  2. I think COPA became searchable and bookable in March on I booked two tickets MIA-PTY-EZE when the bug came on. All legs are on CM.

  3. @ Andy — They were indeed searchable on the United website, though that had nothing to do with their participation in Star Alliance, but rather their previous relationship with Continental.

  4. I checked United and Aeroplan and I did not see any award availability or any reference to Avianca for flight from the US to Colombia. All I saw was Copa.

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