Now that’s what I call a rough landing…

Video surfaced yesterday of a very rough landing of an Air Japan (operated on behalf of ANA) 767-300ER at Tokyo Narita Airport. Check it out:

Wow, that’s some serious fuselage damage. Wouldn’t want to be the pilot of that flight.


  1. I reckon that is a write off! Crazy landing, does not seem that there were weather conditions contributing to this poorly executed landing, wonder what went wrong.

  2. Actually, a typhoon had just passed the area, so unpredictable wind conditions may have indeed been a factor.

  3. cross winds at Narita can be quite hazardous. I have had a few white knuckle landings there in my day.

  4. This is not an uncommon with 767-300s actually. I can recall at least 4 others that had similar issues, including one that I had to go through the structural repair paperwork in great detail as part of a subsequent lease due diligence process (we didn’t take the aircraft in the end!).

    Off the top of my head the other instances were OZ @ LAX 1994, SSV @ PUJ 2005, AT @ JFK 2009 and AA @ LHR in the late 90s/early 2000s. The OZ, AA and SSV frames were all eventually returned to service but the Royal Air Maroc was a write-off IIRC.

  5. @Ken – As Sean’s post details I wouldn’t be so sure about that airframe being written off. Boeing’s Tech team can do miracles to repair their airframes and many airlines have good tech teams as well.

  6. My guess is the pilot came in a little hot and dropped the nose too fast and too soon causing the nose to bounce back up. While it hurts me to say this: Pilot error —

  7. Not gonna throw the Pilots under the bus on that until investigation is completed.

    A Fedex MD-11 in NRT bounced a couple of times on landing and unfortunately had a far worse outcome.

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