Hilton unveils third quarter promotion, offering up to triple points

Hilton has just unveiled the details of their third quarter promotion, which will be valid for stays from July 1 through September 30, 2012.

Through this promotion, Hilton is offering triple HHonors points for stays on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, and double HHonors points for stays on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Registration is required prior to check-out to qualify for this promotion. It’s worth noting, however, that there’s a huge list of non-participating hotels.

What’s really interesting about this promotion (though not hugely significant to most of us) is this part of the T&Cs:

For the Triple Your Trip promotion, the Bonus Points you earn per night are calculated based on the average nightly folio of your total stay (average nightly folio is calculated by taking the total net folio of your stay divided by the total number of nights of the stay)

So basically for the purposes of this promotion they’re assuming all nights of your stay are the same rate, which is rarely the case. This is interesting because most non-resort properties have much higher rates on weekdays than weekends, meaning the eligible weekend rate (where you’re earning triple points) is artificially inflated, so you earn extra points. Of course it works against you if you’re staying at a property that has higher rates on weekends than weekdays.

On the whole I’d say this is a pretty great promotion. For weekend stays you’re earning 35 points per dollar spent at participating Hilton properties (assuming you’re not looking to earn any miles). If you’re a Diamond member you’re earning an extra five points per dollar, bringing you up to 40 points per dollar. And if you’re a Diamond member and use the American Express Hilton Surpass card to pay for your stay, that’s an extra nine points per dollar, for a total of 49 points per dollar spent on weekends.

(Tip of the hat to Loyalty Traveler)


  1. So the double/triple points are calculated by the base points and wouldn’t include the bonus points if someone chose only Hilton points?

  2. From the list of non-participants, I have learned that Hilton doesn’t understand how to alphabetize

  3. Don’t forget the 500 HH if you book and pay with Hilton Amex. On an $80 Hampton stay, that would be about another 6 HH per dollar.

  4. The e-mail they sent me mislead me into thinking you only get the bonus on one stay …


    … I can’t see that in the T&C so I guess I was just misreading it.

  5. >So basically for the purposes of this promotion they’re assuming all nights of your stay are the same rate, which is rarely the case.

    As a business traveler, I’d say it’s extremely rare that I don’t pay the same rate every night of a stay.

  6. @ Brian — Yes, but as a business traveler you’re probably staying at hotels on weekdays. There is usually a difference in rates on weekdays and weekends, no?

  7. I see what you’re saying. Yes I expect the rates would vary, although with a contracted rate it’s often the same every day. That said I also pretty rarely bleed a work trip into the weekend at the same property so my data is a little limited here.

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