How much would you pay to fly Singapore Suites?

Reader USairelite caused quite the riot in the comments section of my post about Lufthansa phantom availability by declaring the following:

Just wanted to let you know lucky that I found a way to get Singapore airlines suites at a very good price šŸ™‚

Naturally I wasn’t the only one that was intrigued. I received dozens of emails from readers saying “Lucky, what’s the secret, I swear I won’t tell anyone.”

Singapore sure has created a lot of hype around their premium product on the Airbus 380, calling it “Suites Class” instead of “First Class.”They’ve not only charged a premium for it on revenue fares, but have also made it almost unattainable with miles, charging more than a million miles for a roundtrip Suites Class ticket between the US and Asia.

Is it really that much better than the competition? Probably not, and I suspect it’s only marginally better than first class on their 777-300ERs, at least in terms of service, food, and entertainment.

USairelite gave me permission to share the fare and since it’s not a mistake fare and seems legitimate enough, I see no reason not to.

Many are familiar with the cheap premium cabin fares out of Colombo, Sri Lanka, though there are also some great premium cabin fares out of Kathmandu, Nepal.

USairelite pointed out that Singapore Airlines has a paid first class fare from Kathmandu to Los Angeles for $3,290 all-in one way, which includes flights from Singapore to Los Angeles (via Tokyo Narita) in Suites Class on the Singapore Airlines Airbus 380.

The fare is bookable on among other websites.

Once you enter your dates, routing, and preferred cabin, you’ll get a results page which looks something like this:

You’ll want to go with the option that has SQ12 (which is the Airbus 380) all the way from Singapore to Los Angeles.

When you click the details you’ll see that it confirms you in first class on the Airbus 380:

So, is it worth paying $3,290.30 for Suites?

Well it obviously depends on your financial situation. I doubt Singapore Suites Class is that much better than a lot of other leading first class products, though I do think there’s one thing that makes it pretty unique and awesome. If you’re traveling with a spouse the center two seats can turn into a single bed. So I suppose if you’re in love and have money to blow it would be a pretty awesome experience.

Still, $3,290 is steep… but it’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen Singapore Suites for a longhaul flight.

What do you guys think? Worth it or not?

Thanks again to USairelite for sharing this tip! Mac, it’s your move. šŸ˜‰


  1. Cheapest I’ve seen before this was MNL-SIN-NRT-LAX for around $3900.

    I think I’d rather save $1000 and fly the 77W on the CMB fare…

  2. While i have enjoyed the suites on EK and TG, I must admit i do prefer an open cabin, as i find the suites a bit claustrophobic. So give me CX F in the nose of the 747 instead.

    But at this price point and on the 380, absolutely yes, assuming one can find one way award space to KTM, which should not be all that difficult.

  3. @ TJ — I read it daily, just hadn’t explicitly seen A380 Suites mentioned for the ex-KTM fare.

  4. But I still think it’s a steep price tag just for getting into an SQ suite….I’d be game for 2k RT šŸ™‚

  5. Hmm but I’ve been contemplating a trip to Bhutan and the Paro-Khatmandu flight is supposed to be one of the most spectacular in the world with stunning views of Mt. Everest and the Himalayas…

  6. While not nearly as long, HKG-SIN or vv can be had for significantly less.

    And probably a little easier to position for.

    Sucks that the A380 Suites Standard awards were only good for a couple hours in middle of the night EST…

  7. $3,290 for first class doesn’t sound expensive. Not that I could afford it, but I always assumed it would cost $5,000 or more…

  8. There is something I don’t understand: it’s 3,290$ plus the cost of the flights to get to Kathmandu. Would you actually fly to Kathmandu just to fly Singapore Suites on the way back?

  9. It’s possible that the price for the “suites” is beginning to adjust to demand. In theory, the suite concept sounds great but for many the reality is similar to those Japanese capsule hotels.

  10. Intrigued, I just looked at this route and actually found an even cheaper fare. Kayak UK showed and fare on Expedia of just over Ā£1700 ($2660) on a slightly differnt route. Dragonair business class from Katmandu to Hong Kong, ANA Business on to Tokyo, then SIA A380 suites from Narita to LAX.

    It’s extremely tempting…

  11. Notwithstanding the benefit of screen shots why didn’t USairelite just post this information in the comments section of the other story? If I ever find myself in Katmandu I’ll be sure to keep this in mind.

  12. I’ve found the HKG-SIN leg about $3k USD one way so this can be considered a deal if you can get there to start the trip.

  13. The area around Kathmandu is extremely interesting with a number of world heritage sites. It’s a great destination on its own even without exploring further into Nepal. The Hyatt is a superb redemption value at just 5K points/night.

  14. @ Giovanni — I’ve actually always wanted to visit Nepal, so wouldn’t fly there just for this, but rather would vacation there.

    @ Matt — I had the issue at first, but try searching more dates. You’ll come across dates (like the one above) where first class is available.

  15. Looks like TG and LX flies to KTM. It would be rather easy to trek BKK-KTM and then fly out to LAX via SIN if you’re based out of Asia.

  16. Info on Nepal – Travel advisory from Gov of Canada..

    Nepalā€™s prime minister has called elections for November 22, 2012, after the Constituent Assembly was unable to promulgate a new constitution. Demonstrations and very disruptive general strikes (bandhs) may occur at any time. Advised to avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings, monitor local developments, and follow the advice of local authorities.

    Although foreigners do not seem to be directly targeted by attacks in Nepal, some attacks have occurred in places frequented by tourists and expatriates. Canadians should remain vigilant at all times and in all places in Nepal. Extremely violent clashes between political/ethnic groups in the Terai region have resulted in a few deaths and numerous injuries. The unpredictable nature of the attacks and demonstrations increases the risk.

  17. Flew the SQ 380 in first SIN-NRT in February. The one way cost me $2,700. It was part of a mileage run JFK-FRA-SIN-NRT-SIN-FRA-JFK.

    I guess based on these posts that t was fairly good value as it was an 8 hour flight. I was the only pax in the cabin. Same food as in normal SQ F. Day flight, so no caviar :(.

    Slept for the last five hours.

    Cabin was comfortable, but I never got the luxurious over the top feeling that has been so hyped.

  18. Aside from the interesting problem of reaching Nepal, is it Singapore Suites worth it? I think part of the allure has been both it’s attainability, or lack thereof, and the fact that a “suite” on a commercial airline was a bit of a novelty in 2007.

    I was fortunate to check it out once on a SIN-SYD trip in ’08 and I thought the experience was phenomenal. Still ranks as one of my best flights (and felt like my shortest one too šŸ™‚ ). But today, if you’ve already tried one of the suite style F products on other airlines, especially on award tickets, you may find yourself wondering what the hype is about.

    Personally, at this price, I think it’s worth it.

  19. So is the “Suites” name and the turn two seats into one bed some sort of implied permission from the Airline to joing the mile high club?

  20. @Lantean

    yes, we would. and if you are not resourceful enough to find these deals, you shouldn’t be able to benefit from them in the first place.

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