US Airways offering a $100 discount and 3,500 Preferred Qualifying Miles for new US Airways Club membership!

Through Friday, June 15, US Airways is offering a $100 discount on a new US Airways Club membership ($50 discount and waiving of $50 initiation fee), plus 3,500 Preferred Qualifying Miles. Simply enroll using promotion code PQM35.

Here are the club membership prices by status level, not including the $50 initiation fee (which is waived through this promotion):

So the price would be $50 lower than what’s listed above through this promotion, making a membership for someone without status $400.

Ultimately I’ve seen better promotions offering lower membership fees, though if you’re after Preferred Qualifying Miles this is pretty tough to beat.

Keep in mind that a US Airways Club membership will also get you into United lounges, so in many cases this is a better deal than buying a United Club membership directly. If it’s US Airways Club access you’re after, I still think the American Express Platinum card is a better value.


  1. Can you write a post that doesn’t pimp a credit card. Yes we know that’s where you make your money.

  2. @colpuck – You can easily solve this dilemma by not reading this blog. Just to remind you, no one is forcing you to read, so please move on. See, it was that easy. Thanks.

  3. If I buy the club membership, how many guest can i bring? is this only works on international trip? or domestic too?

  4. @ jason — You’re allowed two guests or immediate family members, and you can use it for all itineraries.

  5. If you buy, on international trips at Star Alliance lounges, you can only bring one guest. AFAIK immediate family is only allowed in the US at RCCs and US Airways clubs.

  6. Hi Lucky, for someone without any membership before but wish to purchase this membership but flying on a Singapore Airlines economy class, can they still enjoy the lounge benefits at any SQ Lounges with the said membership?

    Asking on behalf of one of my friends.

  7. @ William — You would indeed get access to Singapore Airlines business class lounges with this membership.

  8. I have a club membership and what I like about it more than the Platinum card is, I can go into the club whenever I want, no matter who I am flying. I also go into all the Star Alliance lounges with it. One guests in those, two guests in US Airways.

  9. @ Jeanne — With the American Express Platinum card you also get access to US Airways lounges regardless of which airline you’re flying.

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