British Airways fare sale down to $1,750 all-in, and other airlines match!

Yesterday I wrote about British Airways’ amazing three day fare sale, whereby business class fares to London from most US airports were only $1,952 all-in roundtrip. For departures from the west coast that’s just about the best fare I’ve ever seen, though it seems it can get even better. If you’re a British Airways Visa Signature® Card member you can get an additional 10% discount off the entire fare (not just the base fare) by using promotion code CARDOFFERU or by following this link.

This brings down the roundtrip all-in cost to $1,752!

Also, at this point several other airlines have matched the fare sale, including Delta, United, US Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

If only my schedule wasn’t packed through early June…

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)


  1. In some ways I wish I could take advantage of this too, especially since fares always seem more expensive for trips originating in the US. Do you know why it is cheaper to go Europe to the US than the other way around?

  2. Yesterday Air Canada matched, including from Canadian origins… And forgot to put in date restrictions.

    So many on the AC FT forum booked trips for September and onwards. 🙂 Including me. 😉

  3. It is pretty tempting. I paid nearly double that when I flew VS Upper Class a few years ago.

  4. is currently offering an additional 2% off on BA Club World Fares, which would reduce this fare by another $36! If you don’t have a TopCashBack account, you can follow this link .

  5. Don’t even need the BA card – VS is offering $1749 a.i. from YVR to LHR during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations window to match BA with return up to Oct 25th(last flight to YVR)

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