100 free SPG points for “liking” SPG on Facebook!

Starwood is offering 100 SPG points just for “liking” them on Facebook. Simply go to their Facebook page, click “Like,” and then fill out the short form to earn 100 SPG points.

For participating you’ll also be entered into a contest to win 100,000 SPG points.


  1. “There was a problem loading this content.
    If the problem persists, please try again later.”

  2. Ben,

    I entered and just got the 100,000. I have a screen shot of it. You are not entered to win 100,000 at a later date, it just chooses you at the time you enter and if it’s your luck day you get the 100k right then and there. I’m not sure when this shows up in your account though.

    It’s a good day.

  3. Well, looks like you guys are right. I was thinking that when you liked it that it would say 100 thank yous, as in 100 points. So when it said 100,000 thanks I assumed that meant I had been one of the 10 chosen right then.Now i just feel a little bit foolish.

  4. AC said,

    And winner will get a W9 form so there will be tax…

    Let’s give it to a Canadian Eh. We don’t get taxed on Lottery earnings or Contests. 😉

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