Amazing three-day British Airways Club World fare sale

British Airways is presently running one of the best business class fare sales I’ve ever seen them offer, for bookings made through May 18. The eligible travel dates for this promotion are May 26 through June 9, 2012, and fares are as low as $1,952 roundtrip including all taxes and fees.

While $1,952 all-in business class fares aren’t too unusual from the east coast, what makes this such a spectacular deal is that these fares are also valid from the west coast. I don’t remember the last time I saw a sub-$2,000 business class fare from San Francisco or Los Angeles to London.

And based on my searches availability is still excellent for those dates. For example, Los Angeles to London prices out at $1,947 roundtrip:

What you’ve gotta love is that the base fare for this ticket is only $771, while the rest is taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges:

So this is a case where it no doubt makes more sense to book a revenue ticket than to use British Airways Avios, since the Avios you’re using would only replace the $771 base fare, and not all the other taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges.

While it’s by no means a mileage run, this is as tempting of a business class fare sale as I’ve seen in a long time…


  1. It’s worth noting that this sale is also good on AA codes and/or metal, for those challenging (who could fly BA on an AA code) or considering using SWUs to F.

  2. Err OMG this is starting a fare war 6/1 to 6/4 Brussels Airlines has a fare LAX-IAD-BRU-LHR $1567 all in return! UA is 1843 for nonstop. For those that can travel soon this is a bonanza!

  3. @ milevalue — You can also earn AAdvantage miles. You’d earn elite bonuses as well as a 25% redeemable miles bonus and 50% points bonus for business class fares.

  4. how are the BA int’l business seats? flat bed?

    btw, i also found same price on UA from LAX/SFO.

  5. @ Carl — Yep, they’re fully flat. It seems United and most other airlines have matched at this point. 🙂

  6. Fosij – I fd’d it down to $1450 very quickly. But if I told you how, I’d have to kill you :-).

  7. @ UAPhil — You know you want to email me the deets. Swear on my life I won’t tell anyone. Pllllllllease?

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