Priority Club offering 1,000 bonus points per night through September 3, 2012

Through September 3, 2012, Priority Club is offering 1,000 bonus points per qualifying night, up to a maximum of 20,000 points.

Registration is required on Priority Club’s Facebook page. After “liking” them you’ll be prompted to enter your Priority Club number and PIN to complete the registration process. Apparently this promotion will go “public” beyond Facebook on June 1, 2012.

This promotion is stackable with other Priority Club promotions, like the one offering a $50 prepaid travel Mastercard for a consecutive two-night weekday stay through August 2, 2012.


  1. Hey Lucky,
    Now that you’ve a good sample of SPG stays, do you prefer RA or SPG Plat? I’m in a bit quandry right now, since my travel patterns have changed and I can’t stick with my Marriot Plat anymore, so I’m going to have to choose between the two.

    Thanks for the tip and SIN TR!


  2. @ hsw25 — I hate to say it, but I’ve grown a lot less fond of RA and a lot more fond of SPG Plat over the past few months.

    IC seems to be doing everything possible to “standardize” the program and take away what made it special. It’s frustrating how restrictive BOGOs are nowadays, that they don’t honor elite benefits on award stays, and their lack of properties.

    Conversely, SPG now includes free breakfast, has confirmed suite nights, has locations just about anywhere you could want to be, etc. So I’m more of an SPG fan at this point.

  3. If your are looking for savings and planning on staying at IHG properties, then book your stay now. Today is 1st day of registration regarding $75 vacation pay for weekend stays. Also Mr Rebates still offering 15% and Top Cashback still at 16% so stacking the vacay pay with those Cashback %’s and you have nice savings during weekend or weekday stay if you use $50 weekday payback!

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