Reminder: last chance to register for free Hyatt Platinum trial

In early April I wrote about Hyatt’s free 90-day Platinum trial for those with a Visa Signature credit card.

Just a quick reminder that this promo expires on Friday, May 11, so you have two more days to take advantage of this.

To recap the promo, you simply have to register any Visa Signature credit card, which includes cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, British Airways Visa, United Explorer Visa, etc.

Hyatt Platinum (their entry level status) gets you free internet, 2PM late check-out, a 15% point bonus, and a few more benefits.

But as discussed in this post, one of the other benefits is that if you’re planning on applying for the Hyatt Signature Visa credit card, you’ll get an additional two confirmed suite upgrades if you’re a Platinum member before applying. You get Platinum status with the card automatically, but the two suite upgrades really are incredibly valuable. So if you think you might apply for the Hyatt Signature Visa card in the next 90 days (or just have upcoming Hyatt stays), be sure to register.


  1. can i use the 2 suite upgrade certificates for my free nights if I apply for the Platinum challenge?

  2. pretty sure the suite upgrades only apply to paid stays.

    Thanks to you and others who promoted this strategy. Got the free plat status through this offer. Got the Hyatt visa. And now I am all set.

  3. @Ben,I have a question that has nothing to do with this particular blog. Other bloggers post pictures of themselves enjoying their travels but you never do. Why? I can’t imagine you’re camera shy. Just curious —

  4. I have tried registering for this a few times over the past week. Each time it seems to accept my card and info, but it’s been more than a week since I first tried and my status has not been updated to Platinum.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there some sort of trick?

  5. @ sil — Unfortunately they’re only for revenue nights.

    @ Rich — Not sure why I would, really.

    @ Dan — I believe they’re valid for a year.

  6. @B-Rad

    I have had the same problem! I have registered multiple times, but it has not shown up on my Hyatt account.

  7. @ Lucky re: Rich’s question: It’s human nature to want to see a person enjoying the vacation they are reporting on in detail. It makes them feel like they are seeing vacation photos of “someone they know”. It would make a stronger connection between your blog and your readers. Not that you need to change, but thats why you would.

    @ B-Rad, same problem.

  8. The suite upgrades and the two free nights both expire in a year or so. Mine both expire at the end of May 2013. They posted to my account May 3. So I guess that means they expire at the end of the month a year after they are issued.

  9. The link is broken once the Visa site takes you to and you enter your Hyatt Gold Passport number.

  10. I keep typing in my number, and it tells me that my card isn’t a Visa. Is this just for Signature Visa cards, or any Visa?

  11. Lucky, do you know if I can have my wife sign up for the Chase Hyatt credit card and use my passport number or does the card name have to match the name of passport member?

    She doesn’t currently have a hyatt passport membership, if that matters.

  12. @ Joe — You’re not supposed to be able to. That’s not to say it couldn’t work (there are always things that slip through), though I’d say it’s unlikely to work.

  13. I’m in the same boat. Signed up for the promotion with a Chase Sapphire Preferred and a Capital One Visa Signature multiple times over the past week and my status has not updated. Multiple calls to Hyatt/Chase/Capital One/Visa Signature have not helped. Seems that this promotion is pretty hit or miss since none of the companies involved are able to help.

  14. Anyone having problems with a new Hyatt account? My status went through quickly. Wife’s (new) account is still stuck at gold. Have used 2 different VISA Sigs over the past 2 weeks and no luck. Thanks

  15. Wasn’t going to sign up, but looks like I’ll be working in NYC downtown for the next few months, with stays at the Andaz likely. How does status retention work? 8 nights = Plat through 02/2013, but would it be extended if I hit the regular 15 night threshold?

  16. I signed up for the Platinum trial a couple of weeks ago. My status changed within an hour. I logged out then back in.

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