Cathay Pacific gives Klout users lounge access at SFO!

I love creative partnerships, though this has to be one of the more interesting ones I’ve seen in a while. Klout has partnered with Cathay Pacific to offer Klout members with a “score” of at least 40 access to the Cathay Pacific lounge at San Francisco Airport. You simply have to show your Klout score on your smartphone and you’ll be admitted access.

There’s no need to be flying Cathay Pacific, though the lounge is airside in the “A” concourse, so you do need to already have access to the concourse.

Checking your Klout score only takes about a minute and can be done here. Basically it measures your influence on social networks by linking to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s actually a pretty smart promotion, in my opinion, though I have to wonder how many people will take advantage of it. The lounge is new, so what better way to promote it than to offer people that are influential through social media access?

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  1. This really stupid.
    The whole Klout score thing is stupid.
    (Read the great article in Wired this month for more info)

  2. That seems kind of stupid. It devalues the idea of a premium lounge. I’m only a low level person in this travel trends world. I do have a reasonable number of Twitter followers but I think it’s the huge number of comments on my private Facebook profile that got the score over 40.

    What does Cathay Pacific really get out of this besides a lounge that gets more crowded than it already is at times?

  3. Wow this is stupid, that lounge already has issues with overcrowding. My score is 49 so I guess I might visit the lounge at some point if not flying CX or BA and having access anyway. It appears that 32 out of my ~1000 facebook friends have scores of 40 or higher.

  4. I’m not going to join Klout just for Lounge Access, only for the fact that the App releases a lot of personal information when joining such as emails and lists of friends. Hope everyone read the fine print before hitting “Go To App”.

    No, Thank you.

  5. I’m sure none of you would do this, but wouldn’t it be possible to very easily photoshop a Klout score of over 40 and upload it to your iPhone as an image?

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