Hyatt points on sale for a cent each tomorrow through Daily Getaways

As I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, Hyatt is selling Gold Passport points for about a cent each through Daily Getaways tomorrow. As a reminder, the quantities and costs are as follows:

24,000 points for $234 with an American Express card, for a total of 0.975 cents per point (100 available, 20 during presale)
30,000 points for $300 with an American Express card, for a total of 1.0 cents per point (35 available)
36,000 points for $373.50 with an American Express card, for a total of 1.0375 cents per point (15 available)
69,000 points for $697.5 with an American Express card, for a total of 1.011 cents per point (15 available)

The sale goes live at 1PM ET tomorrow, while the pre-sale goes live at 12PM ET (though there are only 20 packages, so you have a better shot at finding a US Airways agent with geographical competence than bagging one of these). To try and get in on the pre-sale you’ll have to “like” Hyatt on Facebook and get the code that they’ll post on their Facebook page at exactly 12PM ET tomorrow.

Don’t get your hopes up on this offer too much, since there are very few packages and lots of interest. Either way, it’s a fun “game.”


  1. @Fabio, status with Hyatt is based on certain nights/stays spent at Hyatt hotels and not points like the PC program.

  2. Lucky, to avoid confusion, perhaps you could note the day of the week in these posts instead of just “tomorrow”, “today”, etc. It may be a time zone issue (I’m on the East coast), but for me this post is showing up as posted today, May 9, which is the day this deal was up, even though the post says several times the deal is “tomorrow”. I got excited and went to check it out but saw that the packages were already sold out. If you said “Wednesday” instead it would save some confusion.

  3. @ JL — Point taken, you’re absolutely right. That’s what I get for blogging at 2AM, I guess!

  4. is it really worthwhile? i find hyatt points can be converted into airlime miles at 2:1. so, it means, $0.02 for each mile. is it really a great deal?

  5. @ Andy — Hyatt points are valuable for actual hotel redemptions, where a top category hotel is 22,000 points per night. Converting them into airline miles is a bad value in my opinion.

  6. thanks lucky. category 6 hyatt costs 22,000 while category 6 hilton costs 40,000 and category 6 marriot costs 30,000. diamond hilton member earns 10X$ + 50& bonus at hilton and marriott but highest member at hyatt earns 5X$ + 30% bonus. assuming category 6 hilton and category 6 hyatt are equiavlent, i think 2 hilton points is worth 1 hyatt point. am I right? besides, is category 6 hyatt far better than cateory 6 hilton or category 6 marriott? thanks in advance for your answer.

    looks like today’s website offers $384 for 100,000 hyatt points. that is better than the deal described above in this webpage, isn’t it? but facebook does not give an access code. i will try to see if i can ourchase one deal …

  7. @ Andy — I’d say Hyatt points are even more valuable than 2:1. I value Hyatt points at about 1.5 cents each, while I value Hilton points at about 0.6 cents each (maybe a little bit higher).

    As far as which hotel has the best top category hotels, I do think Hyatt has a few more “aspirational” category six hotels than Hilton or Marriott, though it really does depend on one’s taste.

    Where are you seeing the deal for 100,000 Hyatt points for $384?

  8. the 100K point for $384 deal is on the webpage linked from the above URL described at the top of this page.

  9. thanks! you are right. i made a mistake. i never stayed at club carlson and stayed at hyatt only for 8 nights in the past 2 years. not familiar with them.

    1. is the above club carlson deal (100K for $384) worthwhile?
    2. where is hyatt promotion deal today? I did not find it in fb or daily getaways website.

  10. @ Andy — Unfortunately both the Club Carlson and Hyatt deals were one-day only affairs, and are both sold out. They might return next year.

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