Now on Instagram!

Here at One Mile at a Time we I’m always on top of social media trends. I mean, I joined Facebook in like early 2011, and discovered Twitter at the beginning of this year. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m basically a social media rockstar.

But now that I heard about the latest’s billion dollar idea, Instagram, I couldn’t help but join (they do profit sharing, right?). Now, I don’t actually know what purpose Instagram serves (other than the fact that people bitch less on Twitter when I post photos from Instagram than Lockerz) or how to even link to it, though my Instagram name is “onemileatatime,” for anyone that wants to follow along.

And of course you’re also more than welcome to add me on any of the other social media platforms I take part in:
Twitter (we talk about hot nuts, ice cream sundaes, #firstworldproblems, etc.)
Blog’s Facebook Page (almost as exciting as watching the Airshow nonstop on an 18 hour flight)
Personal Facebook Page (almost as exciting as watching paint dry)

And now it’s time to fly…


  1. Social Meejia? I only do Twitter. And that’s pushing it 😉

    Instagram and Facebook are no go zones for me… I have a life beyond these tools…

    We could always use…. forums!!!!!! 😉

  2. @Michael A, you really had to ask? How many lame attention whores do you think there are on this blog named “Frank”?

    I think we really need to avoid mentioning him at all, and he’ll eventually go away.

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