Where am I headed?

Anyone that can guess where I’m headed gets a gold star. Here are five clues:

1) This is my view right now:

2) I’m taking two flights, one on a product I’ve yet to experience, and one on a product I’ve experienced before
3) I’m frequently asked the same question at immigration for the country I’m terminating in (super-bonus points if you guess what that question is)
4) I’ll get two sets of pajamas on my outbound journey
5) I’ll be staying at a hotel that’s connected to a mall at my destination


  1. Hong Kong or Singapore. One of the segments will be on Lufthansa A380 First class. Product you haven’t tried yet is maybe Aer Lingus business?

  2. hongkong. the flights connecs at Vancouver , operated by Cathay. the hotel is W Hong Kong.
    and the question may be “may I have your visa?”

  3. Right now you’re on the rooftop of the Sheraton Tribeca in NYC…you’re going to be taking a flight to Dublin, a place you’ve never been before. First you will be flying American Airlines first class from JFK-BOS, then BOS-DUB on Aer Lingus on Business class. The question you get most asked is “are you irish?” You’ll be staying at the Westin Dublin..

  4. You’re headed to Singapore, flying SQ 25 and through FRA. You’re staying at Orchard Hotel.

  5. Actually you are flying Lufthansa on the JFK FRA leg since you’re departing from Terminal 1 and therefore experience LH new 747 first class seat+bed on your way to Germany.


  6. Whoops I meant Vietnam for the previous post damn iPhone reader! This pic has got to be in TriBeCa new york

  7. Two sets of PJs is either Dubai or Asia. Guessing Dubai-From NYC first flight is LH F to Frankfurt and then to Dubai on either Etihad or Qartar staying at the Pullman hotel?

  8. YOu are in NY right now and if you are SIN bound, do let me know as I will be there May 3rd!

  9. Definitely SIN, where they’ve always asked me as well if I would like a piece of candy; LH on the outbound connecting to SQ at FRA. Looking at your recent Facebook pic, I’m not sure if the new 744 LH F was planned or not. That said, I’ll throw a guess that you maybe scored some F seats in the later SQ flight, SQ325 on a 77W.

  10. I take that back, I’ve had a couple trips to SIN where they haven’t asked me, so technically speaking they haven’t “always” asked me if I’d like a piece of candy.

  11. You are in Pyongyang. You are flying to Beijing and then on to Moscow. You have yet to experience Air Koryo.

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